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June 15, 2021

Talking About Body Love

Do you struggle with body love and your self image? 🙋🏼‍♀️

How about your identity?

I’ve been thinking about our cultural obsession with the perfect body. Especially on Instagram. And magazines. All of the platforms. It’s invasive and it’s everywhere.

Perfection in the physical is often overly celebrated, in my opinion. We’ve grown numb or used to it and many of us have adopted the idea of an ideal body.

But there is sooooo much more to a happy, contented and joy filled life. What is true beauty? What actually makes the world a better place? Let’s consider attributes like kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, determination, honesty loveliness, just being a good friend, and all of the true good that you have to offer this world.

To say I’m not affected by so much focus on the body would be a lie. I am. But I really do push against it the best I can.

To say I’m not affected by so much focus on the body would be a lie. I am. But I really do push against it the best I can. And how do I do that?

I start by thanking God for my body and thinking about my abilities in both mind and body… My ability to surf. To serve my family. To grow and birth children( I could go on and on about this one!). To love others. To bring hope to a hurting, fearful, and challenged world.

I also focus on my health. I eat nourishing food, I get movement in my day (yet not overdoing it), and I make sleep a priority. I also use natural skin care and avoid anything toxic. Good health will set us up for natural beauty and for a healthy mind too.

I pray for my worries and struggles. I breathe and rest and do my best to avoid overloading my plate to minimize stress and overwhelm.

I also focus on where my identity lies. I trust that I’m loved and accepted by God.

Life is so much more than the perfect body and to those of you out there really struggling, I feel for you, and fully acknowledge the cultural pressure is real.
Please know that you are not alone and there are ways to free yourself from this struggle.

So today, I encourage you to say no to self abuse. Say no to eating disorders. Say no to accepting the pressure and the lies. I encourage you to spend less time on social media (yes, get off this place!) and more time with those who love you, and more time doing things you love. Spend more time in nature! You can also start learning about healthy living.

You can choose to celebrate your true beauty and know you are loved. You have purpose in this life. You can focus a little less on yourself and instead look for ways to help and love on others. You can shine in so many meaningful ways. You can bring hope and light by being real and honest.

Be brave enough to say no to the lies and instead be beautiful YOU. Be persistent for as long as it takes to overcome. And finally I encourage you to talk with someone you trust. And be honest!

No pressure of course, but if you are really struggling and don’t know where to start check out my online courses: “Anchor Your Identity” with Tim Tebow, and “Let Go of Comparison” with Arielle Estoria, or “Optimize Your Health” with Dr. Dustin Dillberg. I developed these courses because I believe in these topics and want to give you tools to be Unstoppable in your own beautiful life!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope you are encouraged and consider this a heartfelt pep-talk from me to you!

Lots of love,

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