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April 30, 2020

Meet Arielle Estoria

Ya know those special people who you want to be around because they are so warm and welcoming and loving? The kind of people that make you feel good and safe because of who they are? I’m excited to introduce you to just such a rad person today…

Meet Arielle Estoria…

Arielle is my special guest for Month 6 in my Unstoppable Year Course – Let Go of Comparison. I have known Arielle for about 5 years now through the Anchored in Love conference we have been doing together annually in California. The first time I saw her she was performing a “Spoken word” and I thought that was so rad! I love seeing how Arielle shares her life with others and how she truly shines authenticity!

Born and raised in California, Arielle Estoria is a Writer, Speaker, and Creative. She graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2015 with a BA in Psychology and focus on theater integration to be a creative bridge between intellect and creativity, the mind and the heart. Through various aspects of storytelling: poetry, keynote speaking, event host/emcee, acting and voice overs, Arielle orchestrates her art out of her motto: “Words not for the ears but for the soul.”

Arielle has a passion for reminding individuals of their value and worth and I knew she would be the perfect guest to talk with about a hot and really important topic in this day and age of social media…comparison. My energized talk with Arielle was enlightening, convicting, and empowering. I want to share with you a few nuggets of wisdom from our Unstoppable Year Course conversation.

First, Arielle goes right to the heart of comparison, and that is identity.

If we could all see ourselves the way our Creator sees us, embracing the truth that there has never been and never will be another like us, we would recognize how useless comparison is in the first place. Why compare…there is NO ONE like you! Be YOU. Own and harness who you are…fearfully and wonderfully made. Live the best image of God that only you have been given. When we are secure in our unique and beautiful identity comparison will not be as much of a problem.

“You were made from the same hands that created the stars. You are a galaxy of grace and a milky way of purpose.”

– Arielle Estoria

Next, one of the best ways to combat comparison is with gratitude.

Gratitude has seriously come up in every single module of my course.🌟🚩haha… I love that! We tend to focus on what we can’t do, don’t have, or what others have that we want. Unfortunately, that takes our gaze away from all we are and all we have to offer. Arielle reminds us that we need to be thankful for what our bodies CAN do and focus on our abilities, not our limitations. I don’t waste my time wishing I had two arms, I am grateful I am alive and excited and thankful for all that I CAN do with my one strong amazing arm.

“I want to take in the gratitude of each day like the breath in my lungs, like an unconscious habit, like my existence depended on it.”

– Arielle Estoria

Lastly, Arielle shared about the power of reframing comparison and the importance of mentors.

We all have people we admire out in the world…and we should, there are incredible people doing incredible things everywhere. Instead of feeling jealous of what others seem to have or be accomplishing and letting that comparison bring us down, why not look to others as inspiration and let them call us up. One super powerful way to harness the awesomeness of others is to seek out mentors. Look around for others who are doing things that you want to do, or individuals living a life full of passion and values you aspire to and learn from them. You can certainly do this from a distance through books and social media, but I think face-to-face is always best. Be brave and bold and initiate a sit down with someone you admire, it will be a gift to you both and may lead to a sweet mentoring relationship.

“For you are fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalm 139

I am grateful for Arielle and how she shares her gifts and lives out her passion for speaking truth and honesty in the world. I hope you are encouraged by meeting Arielle here and getting a glimpse of the wisdom she shared in our Unstoppable Year conversation. We’d love to include you in these conversations – come join us!

Be authentic and be honest!!! Live life Unstoppable!!!


To learn more about Arielle and the wonderful things she is putting out into the world go to

Journal it

Where do you tend to get pulled into negative comparison – Money, possessions, relationships, body, accomplishments? Try to shift your focus to what you do have.

Make a gratitude list about yourself – seriously – what are you grateful for that God has given you?


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