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Beautifully Flawed Foundation

When you are in
need, we are here.


Restoring hope

We believe the longing within every person to overcome the trials,
pains, and difficulties of life are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to
encourage a broken world and offer hope to overcome through Him.
The Beautifully Flawed Foundation produces events that inspire, shares stories of
hope, and responds with encouragement to traumatic amputees to
give hope in a difficult time.

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First Response - Operation Overcome
First Response

Operation Overcome

Our First Response Team is a group of volunteers who respond immediately when we hear of a new shark attack survivor or traumatic amputee. We answer with care and compassion, sending or hand delivering encouragement packages to bring hope to overcome.

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Gatherings that inspire

We hold conferences, retreats and events designed to share God’s love and inspire hope. Our events help young women and men discover their true beauty, purpose and worth through a God who loves them and sees them as beautiful.

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Stories of Hope

We share inspiring life stories of those who have experienced limb loss to help others find beauty and hope in God’s love.

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“When I got to the retreat, I realized I’m not alone. I found comfort in sharing my challenges with the other girls because they face them too.”

Beautifully Flawed retreat attendee

“If you take a step back and look at the big picture you will see an impact and a difference that you’ve made on yourself and to other people.”

Beautifully Flawed retreat attendee

“There were so many ‘me too!’ moments as I got to know other girls. People there acknowledged my fears…they understood me. Yet they pushed me to do
more anyways.”

Beautifully Flawed retreat attendee

“I often thought my limb loss was a hindrance to helping others and serving God. Now I’m able to see it as a source of strength as a I look back at my pain with a new perspective.”

Beautifully Flawed retreat attendee

“Beautifully Flawed means no matter the flaw or the difference that you’re still beautiful; that you’re still beautiful and made in God’s image.”

Beautifully Flawed retreat attendee

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