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If you’re anything like me, you’ve faced many obstacles in life so far. Some made you stronger, solidifying your purpose, while others may have caused you to doubt what you’ve known to be true. No matter what you’ve been through, one thing I know is that with each struggle, we can either become stronger or get beat down. This is the type of stuff I’m here to talk with you about!

I have created this site to be a safe place for you to come and be encouraged. A place to get rad ideas on living a healthy life in faith, mind, body and spirit. I have seen more and more friends get messed up from social media and the junk content out there. My hope is this site can be a counter balance from all of that somewhat useless noise.

I have been able to overcome some of the most challenging obstacles because of the grace of God and because of His plan.

I know without a doubt that with Him, I am unstoppable, and I want you to know that you can be unstoppable too.

I can remember being around 8 years old, on the beaches of Hawaii, my birthplace, and confidently knowing God loved me and that I was going to be a professional surfer. My confidence in these two things shaped the foundation of who I am today. Even when I was attacked by a shark at 13 and lost my arm I’ve been stable in my mind and beliefs.

Despite the challenges life has thrown at me I’ve done so much more in my life than I ever could have imagined – From outscoring some of the world’s best female surfers, to having movies like Soul Surfer made about me, and going around the world to talk to thousands of amazing people.

Today I’m a wife, mom of three beautiful healthy boys, and this truth is still the same. God loves me, and being a professional surfer is my calling.

The strength, identity and foundation of my life is in the faith that God has given me. With God I am unstoppable!

Let me be real in what I mean by “Unstoppable”.

No, I’m not perfect. And Yes, I have crazy hard days and times in my life, but I’m rooted in my faith and the truths of God. This is how I know that whatever huge life waves or gnarly challenges come my way, the Lord is with me and on my side. Because of Him, I am Unstoppable.

God wants this for you too!

I know I was born to surf, but I also believe I am here to encourage YOU and help lead you to God and the life you were designed to live.

Here is my commitment to you.

I’ll surf you through life’s tough stuff, talk story and all things girly. I’ll share about the beauty and pain, joy and sadness, failure and triumphs, and help you live a deeply rich and meaningful life strengthened in your faith. I will bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning, and keep it real and honest as I go.

When it comes to the hard stuff of life, I am here to be your friend. You got me, my story and all I share with you here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m stoked we’re connected and I’m
excited for the journey we can share ahead. The best way to stay connected is to
make sure you join my tribe.

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