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October 20, 2022

Story of Hope: Meet Unstoppable Katie

Today I want to introduce you to a rad and unstoppable overcomer!

It is always a gift when others trust their stories with me! I am grateful that Katie is allowing me to share hers so I can bring you another inspiring Unstoppable Story of Hope today. I just know that you will be blessed by Katie’s testimony of resiliency, hope, and renewed faith.

Meet Katie…a 37 year old Police Officer from Kent, UK who joined the Unstoppable Life program in April of 2020.

“I had just come through major surgery for a large tumor at the base of my skull and was facing some long term deficits to my body and brain as a result of nerve damage from the surgery. I work as a Police Officer and have a young family so recovery, family life, coupled with work and a pandemic were stripping me of reserves! The Unstoppable Life Program was a dream resource.

The program met me where I was at, at a time which was a pretty low point in my life and journey. My faith has always been strong, but I think I’d put it in a box and set it completely aside from the new life challenges I was trying to deal with at the time. The course has this amazing way of making God so present, yet seamlessly linked with real life, real struggles and battles. It brought my faith out of the box and into my daily life again.

I was disappointed that I’d been left with nerve deficits after my surgery, and I needed to come to terms with this reality. The Overcome Obstacles course with Nick Vujicic was like someone had switched on a light and I experienced huge freedom from his words. As a result, I faced my fears and took on a promotion at work – I knew from my growth in this course I could do anything I put my mind to, regardless of my limitations.

Recently, a doctor found what they thought was another tumor in the same location. Such a diagnosis indicated further surgery and potentially significant disabilities as a result. This was like reliving the earlier nightmare and it was a hard couple of months, but I genuinely believe that my growth from this course equipped me with what I needed to face the battle head on. I can happily (and gratefully) say however, that after a number of tests, the lump was not a tumor! Whoop! I will be under the highest care in the UK for a number of years for my case, but I know this is okay because I’ve got this!”

We asked Katie what changes she’d seen in her life as a result of the courses and she added:

I have found joy in the small things and actually give myself permission to take the time to notice them. After my surgery, I hit a low which is common with patients who have anticipated something for a prolonged period and then are left with the recovery. I struggled with shutting out the noise of life/social media/peer pressure and experiencing the joys in life.

This has totally changed now – I’m a different person and those closest to me have noticed the positivity and growth in me. I genuinely believe my change has laid cornerstones in the way my husband and children view different circumstances they find themselves in. The ripple effect just spreads far and wide!”

What 1-2 courses have impacted you the most and why?

“I am only on my fourth course (of 12) so far and this has been deliberate. I am so focused on getting the content from each course implemented and firmly rooted in my life that I have chosen to give myself a few months to work on each one properly.

It’s hard to choose the course with the biggest impact – they are so different and so powerful that they have all impacted me (and my family) hugely. I think if I had to pinpoint one in particular it’s the Optimize Health course. I would never have guessed how much I would take away from this particular module! Bethany and Dr. Dustin make such a complicated topic so easy to get your head around. I don’t think I gave my thoughts enough credit for how much they impact my body and my health. I am now far more in tune and proactive with taking my thoughts captive and protecting my health as a result.”

Do you have any guiding quotes/mantras/verses that you picked up through the courses?

“Happy people are people who take time to pause to be happy about what they have.” – Nick Vujicic

“Gratitude is a cure for depression.” – Bethany Hamilton

Anything else that you want to share about your story or experience in the Unstoppable Life Program (courses, community, homework etc.)?

“I’m just so grateful. When I log in and watch the courses (I watch them back, over and over just to grab every last nugget), I feel like I’m in a room with Bethany and her guest and they are giving me their time, personally. This is invaluable because I can sit there and just be me, wherever I’m at, whatever I’m facing at that time. There is no judgement, no pressure, just guidance from people who have faced the toughest of times. There is conviction in their stories and integrity in their words because they’ve lived this.

The Unstoppable Life Program changes lives! You’ll be inspired, challenged and absorbed by it. It will break down fear and flood you with hope. Do it!”


I’m so grateful to see Katie in her journey to live for more and not be held down by her challenges, but rather face them bravely and confidently! I hope you can do the same!

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