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Overcome, Stories of Hope /
October 8, 2019

Meet Nick

I’m so excited to introduce you to Nick Vujicic, our second guest on my Unstoppable Year online course.

Nick is an incredible individual with a unique story that he shares throughout the world as an inspiring and passionate speaker. I was so glad to have the opportunity to talk with Nick about the topic of Overcoming and what that has looked like throughout his life.

Nick was born without limbs, and you may think that has been Nick’s most significant obstacle, but in my conversation with him we learn that he thinks of his biggest challenge as the internal obstacle of fear, something we can all relate to.

“We’re all tackling the same obstacles on the inside.” – Nick Vujicic

He remembers the daunting thought, I can’t even be independent, experiencing not only a heart full of fear, but rejection and hopelessness.

One day as a young child at home, he wanted a book from high up on the bookshelf, which he could not reach. He asked his mom to get it for him and she told him “No… If you want the book, figure out a way to get it yourself.”

When his mom said this to him, Nick had been so upset with her, but he appreciates it now because it forced him to think creatively, and figure out how to make the impossible, possible.  This lead him to the powerful mindset he has carried with him throughout his life.

“I don’t know what’s impossible until I know what’s possible.” Nick Vujicic

Nick is one of the most positive people I’ve ever come across. But he definitely went through times of fear, sadness, defeat, frustration and even depression growing up. Gaining confidence in who you are doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process!

What I love about Nick’s story, because its something that totally resonates with my life as well, is his willingness to TRY. His parents would encourage him saying, “You don’t know what you can do, Nick, until you try.” And he learned to put trying into practice.

The first time I met Nick, I actually taught him to surf!  And he did great!

In addition to being a gifted speaker, Nick is also an author with six books in print, one which captures the love story of how he met and married his wife, Kanae. Nick and Kanae have four children and currently live in Southern California. Nick established Life Without Limbs ministry in 2005 and is currently serving as President and CEO. You can learn more about him here.

My conversation with Nick was so inspiring I wanted to pause it to take notes and you will too!

We talk about:

  • the importance of naming the obstacle
  • internal obstacles vs. external circumstances
  • reframing obstacles as opportunities
  • the power of faith in overcoming
  • having an attitude of gratitude
  • finding purpose that fuels you

One thing that Nick talked about repeatedly in our conversation was how crucial it is to look at obstacles as challenges and opportunities for growth, problem-solving, creativity, and sometimes simply a good laugh.

His encouragement for you and I today:

Let’s view our obstacles as opportunities to be embraced as a challenge with a mindset of hope and determination, and a dash of creativity.

From the little challenges we all face day-to-day, to the massive obstacles that can change our lives, Nick encourages and inspires and gives us a shining example of an overcomer, while also suggesting practical tools (like reframing) to help us rise above our own obstacles.

Join us in The Unstoppable Year, my online course where we tackle a new topic each month in the hope of helping YOU to be unstoppable in your life.

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