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January 18, 2022

Simplifying Your Goals

It’s a new year, 2022, let’s go!!! Many are setting resolutions, or reflecting on the last year and in today’s blog I want to talk goals!

I love having goals to work towards because it gives me purpose… I like continually moving forward in life, having challenge and bettering myself at different skills. Having goals leads us to focus on something. I believe we all can benefit from having some type of goal! However, we have to fine-tune our goals so that we are not overwhelmed. If we are over-ambitious and set too many goals or unrealistic goals we may just burn out and not achieve much of anything.

So, how do we avoid this? How do we successfully set goals?

I was stoked to discuss this topic in my Unstoppable Life Course Set & Achieve Your Goals with my rad guest Marie Forleo! Marie definitely lives an Unstoppable Life. She is an entrepreneur, a NY Times Bestselling author, and host of the Marie Forleo podcast and TV show. Marie works specifically on empowering others to dream big and make their dreams a reality. (Check out my blog post Meet Marie Forleo for more info!)

One of my favorite nuggets from her was, “Simplify to Amplify”.

In other words, do less at a time to maximize the joy, fulfillment, and excitement you experience in your life.

This down-sizing of our goals allows us to get more done and be more successful. Achieving a small goal step by step is both encouraging and maintainable. God has given us each unique dreams and passions – let’s make them come to life!

Marie suggested breaking down our goals into 3 categories:

  • Personal: What are you working towards this year? Better health, a dream, a new skill?
  • Relational: What relationship in your life do you want to focus on or improve? One with a spouse, friend, coworker, son/daughter? Faith in God?
  • Work: What will help you further your career or mission? Moving to a different city, improving a skill, getting a different job, networking with specific people?

I love this tip because it is such an awesome way to fine-tune your priorities!

For example, a relational goal of mine is to continue to strengthen the mother-son bond I have with my boys. It is important to me that I carve out intentional time to laugh with them, play with them, and teach them so that our bond can continue to grow in trust and depth. This sounds simple – and I know that it is a priority for me, so I’m intentional and consistent! It’s a daily choice to spend time with my boys, but I’m so happy to do it! After you streamline your goals and make them top priorities in your life, it feels much easier to dedicate time to them.

So let’s ‘Simplify to Amplify,’ friend! I am cheering you on as you identify 1-3 goals and set aside time to work towards reaching them! You get to choose the life you live, so live it well!

One more tip on getting after your goals. I recommend continually reevaluating and continually checking in with yourself! If you find yourself getting off track, be gracious with yourself, fine tune your approach and get back on track!

Want to hear more of Marie Forleo’s many tips on goal setting and achieving?

Check out my Untoppable Life courses, specifically the course I made with her called Set & Achieve Your Goals! I had a blast talking with Marie and I loved hearing her words of wisdom on this subject. It will definitely get you ready to knock those goals out of the park!

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