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April 5, 2022

You’re Not Missing Out

“You’re not missing out. The party is where your peace resides.”

-Arielle Estoria (from July 10 IG post)

What an intriguing quote by Arielle, my lovely guest for the Let Go of Comparison Unstoppable Life course!

Part of letting go of comparison is letting go of the feeling that we are missing out. Instead of allowing our minds to drift to thoughts of not being in the right place, or not being enough, we need to embrace that “the party is where our peace resides!” (like Arielle so beautifully put it)

I would add that the party is where your JOY resides…the party is where your PASSION resides…the party is where your GIFTS reside…the party is best found in being PRESENT.

Or we can rephrase it “The Joy is where your peace is found.”

The theme here is that “the party” is where you are – it’s not somewhere else – it’s in your beautiful life, within your grasp, in line with how you were created and gifted, and in your places of peace and joy. Comparison, and letting our minds convince us that we are missing out, can rob us of our peace and joy (more on that in Only One You).

Instead enjoy what you have and where you are, instead of looking around for something different. I might hint – less of social media, less stressful news, less of all of the noise. Also I would encourage doing less across the board: less of the go to’s and all of the events and just be more picky with your time. Some times our lack of peace or feelings of overwhelm can be simply that we are doing too much! Being disciplined to live in the present will help us experience the peace we are seeking (more on that in Life is More Beautiful When We are Present).

I think of “party” in terms of John 10:10 ESV “…I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Full abundant life in Christ is the true party for me. I often feel peace, joy and embrace the party of my life when I am able to slow down in nature with my family and friends. I feel peace when I attend church. I feel at ease when I sleep well and nourish myself. I encourage you to find your peace too.

Take a few minutes to reflect on Arielle’s quote.
  1. What does “the party” look like for you? Where do you experience abundant life?
  2. What does peace look like for you? Where and when have you felt most peaceful?
  3. Write down your thoughts.


If you want to go deeper and nourish your ability to identify your peace and embrace the party of your life check out these two mini courses: Be Present and Let Go of Comparison. My special guests Kate Merrick and Arielle Estoria have incredible words of encouragement in both these areas that are so crucial to living an Unstoppable Life.

Journal it

What truth has God opened your eyes to see? Take a moment to reflect; writing down any of your thoughts, questions, and prayers in response.

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