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November 12, 2020

Preventative Health – Heavy on My Mind

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin

Something has been heavy on my mind just about every day this year.

I’m a huge fan of preventative health and I strive for excellent health for myself and my family every day. This focus started in my later teen years and grew into a passion as I learned more.

I see the effects of living healthy and it’s beautiful. A major bonus is the impact on our kids – they have great attitudes, energy, and good health.

With 2020 putting many in fear for our health I can’t take my mind off the underlying pandemic of poor health in our country.

Childhood diseases are rapidly growing. Adults are laden with preventable disease, mental illness, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, infertility, autoimmune issues and soooo much more.

Most of us wait around for disease to hit and then we look to our doctors to treat the disease as if it’s acute in only one area, or is an isolated issue which is not likely acute. We drug it and hope for a pill to take care of things. And then we limp along the best we can with the little health we have.

We truly need a health reform more than ever.

My encouragement to you is this: You have the power to choose your health.  Education and information on living healthy is easily accessible, empowering and waiting for you. There are preventative health docs, naturopathic docs, integrative health docs all over the world that can steer you in a good direction as well! There are so many resources!

Preventative health can save you from so much pain and illness and also from the fear of poor health and disease. It’s a journey I don’t regret, and making healthy choices feels amazing! Healthy living enables me to live the life I want – having a healthy mind and body to thrive and live an Unstoppable Life.

You don’t have to wait for disease to steal from your precious life. I believe you all deserve good and resilient health!

Soon I’m gonna work on a blog post about affordable healthy living because I believe we can all make healthier choices no matter what. Keep an eye out!

One of the most powerful and practical topics in my Unstoppable Life Course was Optimize Health with my friend and go-to natural health practitioner Dustin Dillberg. Check out Meet Dustin for some helpful tips to get you started in healthy living. My book Body & Soul can also be a good tool for getting you focused and is full of encouragement, information, recipes, and workouts. As I said, there are endless resources out there – just pick one and make the choice to prioritize your health!

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