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August 1, 2023

An Easy Tip for Good Health

I don’t miss feeling super tired and moody all day… sooo I’m sharing with y’all my biggest health and diet change that has me feeling amazing!


When you’re a mom and navigating the daily tasks of raising children, balancing a business, and pursuing your passions (mine of course is surfing!) you need to make sure that you are running on all 4 cylinders. Otherwise you find yourself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out!

I like to think we are all on our own health journey’s. It’s hard to know how to navigate all the messages out there about health and nutrition.

I’m always looking for how I can best fuel both my surfing career and also my daily life. So here’s where I have settled over the past two years and I have been blown away how good I’ve been feeling and the amount of mental/hormonal stability and overall energy that I’ve gained!

No it’s not intermittent fasting (that left me feeling so burnt out and moody). More often than not, these “fad diets” are so hard to adhere to and we can only last a short while doing them. Our bodies need fuel for every day life!

For me, it came down to the quality of minerals, vitamins, that I was consuming; but also making sure I was getting enough food each day! I’ve decided to eat organic as much as I can.

However, there was one particular food that has made a huge difference in my diet. Supposed “superfoods” like goji berries, leafy greens, or spirulina weren’t it.

My number one diet change the last two years has been going more animal-based and consuming organs, like liver, heart, and kidneys!

I think organs are one of the few foods that genuinely deserve the superfood crown. 👑

We’ve always needed organs, and we still do. I’m not going to pretend organs taste as good as a seared ribeye or braised short ribs…but there must be something incredibly special about organs because we’ve been eating them for ages!
My dad remembers eating liverwurst growing up. I’m sure one of your grandparents has some stories about about liver and onion dinners too.

So let’s take a closer look at my top 2 reasons why going animal-based and consuming organs is so crucial:

#1 The Quality Factor (or why organs are like me surfing Jaws)

The nutrients in organs are of a far higher quality than the nutrients you will find in plants and synthetic multivitamins.
Firstly, they come in the correct form our bodies need to be highly absorbable and bioavailable.

Let’s look at iron as an example:

Iron is an ESSENTIAL mineral that we need for energy… yet almost 40% of American girls and young women have low iron.

If you know one of these unfortunate ladies, please know this: iron in beef liver is heme iron, which is the most bioavailable and absorbable type of iron you can get. But the really incredible thing about organs like beef liver is that it packages its iron with essential synergistic nutrients like Vitamin A and Copper, both of which are important for effective iron absorption and utilization.

You may ask, “well, can’t I get iron in spinach?” Iron in plants is non-heme iron which is far less bioavailable. It cannot compete with iron from liver.

Synthetic nutrients, whether they be an iron supplement or a generic multivitamin cannot compete with the nutrients from organs either. They are chemically synthesized in a lab, often from sources like coal tar and petroleum…and they exist in isolation, lacking the crucial co-factors, enzymes, and accompanying nutrients found in organs.

Think of it like this. Synthetic nutrients are like an amateur surfer attempting to surf Jaws with a Costco surfboard:


No bueno! It’s a valiant effort, just not a good experience!
But the nutrients found in organs are like a me charging a bomb wave…years of experience, preparation, and performance come together beautifully for the best ride!

#2 The Quantity Factor (a little goes a long way)

Besides containing the highest quality nutrients, organs also contain the greatest QUANTITY of nutrients. Organs like beef liver contain more micronutrients (aka vitamins and minerals) per calorie than just about every other food on the planet.

See how beef liver compares to its ribeye cousin:

Heart & Soil nutrition chart for organ meat

Beef liver has much more Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Biotin, Folate, Copper and Vitamin K2.

And by including even a modest amount of organs in your diet, you gain access to a nutritional bounty that would be very difficult through other foods.

Closing Thoughts

I hope by now you can be confident you’re making the right decision by nourishing your body with organs.

Swapping a synthetic multivitamin for organs is not some trivial decision like whether you should have been Batman or Robin for Halloween:


It’s WAY bigger than that.

Because when you decide to nourish your body with the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, you can begin to really thrive, find the energy you need to be there for your loved ones and excel at your daily responsibilities!

Honestly it is quite hard to be motivated to consume large amounts of organ meats that’s why I’ve partnered with Heart & Soil.

They produce a super high quality organ supplement that makes it so easy to start going down the path of whole nutritional and animal-based health!

Heart & Soil Organ Supplements

Personally I really love the Beef Organs blend as an amazing multivitamin for overall health, mood, and energy!

Be sure to use my code: BETHANY
to get 15% off your order!


Cheering you on in your health journey,

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