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November 28, 2023

How My Family Stays Grounded

We are figuring out homeschooling and it’s been an adjustment.

I personally don’t think little boys should be in a desk or behind books for hours on end each day. That’s one of the reasons we are homeschooling. Adam has a teaching degree so he’s kind of spearheading it. We’re learning through fun play and like to make it really enjoyable for us and for them!

However, the main reason that we’re homeschooling is because we’ve found that it helps us slow down and focus on what matters.

It’s really easy to find ourselves pursuing the overly-busy American lifestyle that is so common.

I think the typical American lifestyle looks like this: as a culture we’re busy and are in a hurry from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Our children go to school for many hours and then are picked up and brought to extra curricular activities typically up to 6 days a week. When the kids finally come home, they spend their time doing homework before going to bed and doing it all over the next day. In the end, the kids get very little time with mom and dad.


The dirks fam makes fresh orange juice.

I feel like we as a people have forgotten how to question, “is this best for my child?”

Of course our kids need to get exercise, be challenged and make friends, but they also need quality time with their mom and dad. Maybe the weekend isn’t enough time for that. Children are often acting out because they aren’t getting bonding time with their parents or because they’re being scheduled down to the minute 5-6 days a week. They’re being spread so thin and under so much pressure that they’re struggling! This leads to more medicines and therapies that might not be needed if the child felt more loved at home and was eating nutrient-rich food.

There are just so many things that are backwards in our society. It’s interesting being a mom because of course I want what is best for my children, but that’s often not easiest on me. Some days I’m like, “whoah, what if they were just gone at school for the last 5 hours! I would have gotten a lot of things done!! The house would be so clean!” (Though I am teaching them to clean and do laundry & everything 😉).

But right now, Adam and I firmly believe that what’s best for our kids is to be homeschooled. It’s harder on us in some ways. However, we’re willing to sacrifice some things to be more present with our family and to help our children thrive.

Bethany writes math problems on a chalkboard

I don’t want to come off as critical to other education plans or lifestyles that you may have. I get that there are so many factors that come into play when making these decisions, most of all finances. Finances are harder than ever these days so we all just have to do the best we can.

However, I have some really admirable friends who have chosen a more simple, humble life so that the mom can take care of the children and be fully dedicated. They aren’t living luxuriously, but their children are getting more quality time and living larger than anything luxury could bring.

I encourage you to think about your lifestyle and routines today.

What’s best for your children?

What’s best for your family?

Is there anything you can change?

Don’t be afraid to make a change! Perhaps it’s not homeschool for you, but it’s saying ‘no’ to one more weekly commitment so you can spend time together. Get creative – there are lots of options!

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