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August 22, 2023

How Adam and I Met

Adam and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this month.

It’s so crazy!! It feels like just yesterday that we were getting married.

Bethany and Adam "trash the dress" after the wedding.

Our story is a fun one so I thought I would share a bit about how we met.

Adam grew up in Kansas so he had a super different upbringing and lifestyle than I did. But we did meet out here on Kauai, believe it or not!

He had moved out here to start a Young Life chapter with his friend, in the toughest part of the island so he was thrown into the thick of Hawaii culture – the side that most people don’t see. Everyone just loved him over there! It was cool that when I met him, he already was used to Hawaii and already knew the culture. I didn’t have to show him those things or help him learn any of that. Although he did still have a lot to learn about the ocean and surfing!

Anyways, our mutual friends set us up on a blind date.

We just met up at the beach and kept it super casual. We were there with a group of friends too so it was a really great time.

There was a cliff jump at this beach and neither of us had done it. It’s kind of funny that I hadn’t done the jump before because almost every local in their late teens or early twenties does this jump unless they are super scared of heights. I don’t love heights, but we both went and did it together. It was just the two of us and it was so fun!

That was the start of adventuring together. We just kind of hit it off right away!

Bethany and Adam paddle out

We first met in May and then we were engaged the next April and then got married in August.

Adam is just such a gift from God! 🤍

I honestly had a few fears of finding a husband. I had barely dabbled in the world of dating prior to meeting Adam so I was super innocent and naive. We waited until marriage for any physical intimacy which was super beautiful and awesome for the long term.

Now we’ve had 10 years of doing life together!

While there have been some rough patches like any marriage, at the end of the day, God’s grace has worked in our marriage and we are stronger than ever. We’ve grown together so much. He has always been there as my birth coach while I give birth and that has brought us together in a super cool way as well.

Bethany and Adam smile with Tobias.

I especially love being a parent with Adam!

We’re definitely the dynamic duo when it comes to that – always team working. It’s so amazing to share life with someone so special. We definitely complement each other and make a good team.

Bethany & Adam pose with their children

I love him and am just so thankful for him! I’m praising and thanking God for putting Adam in my life and giving us 10 awesome years together and 4 beautiful children!

I’m cheering you on today to cherish and love those around you well!




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