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Hubby Blog Series /
August 18, 2022

Hubby Blog: 9th Anniversary Edition!

9 Years Married! This is Adam, and yes, I officially remembered our anniversary. 🥳

I’m not asking for any high fives, but you all know how life can get swamped with “to-do” lists, work, children activities, surf excursions, etc. Then all the sudden, BAM! 9 years went by!

It’s craziness! Thankfully, we still feel “freshly” married and young in many ways. But I can’t help but already hear that voice in my head saying, “don’t let these years slip by, cherish every moment..”

underwater photoshoot!

Being parents of 3 young boys has definitely made us choose to intentionally slow down so that we can invest and pour into our children’s lives in beautiful ways.

However, as I think of Bethany and I’s relationship, I’m finding more and more that I need to be doing the same for us!

Don’t let the months and years slip by without finding the time to cherish and love your wife or husband!

That’s my main reflection as this 9th anniversary rolls around. Yes, we find beautiful times as a family, yes we are intentional about how we spend our days together, but I want to look back after the next 9 years and think, wow, 18 years flew by, and yes life was busy and crazy, but I found time to cherish and love my wife, and we are stronger and more in love than we ever have been.

I think it’s good to set these goals for ourselves. It helps us commit and follow through! Life can be hard and relationships are often more difficult than we expect. Neither Bethany or I are perfect, but our relationship thrives and is stronger through both the amazing and the difficult times, ultimately because of the forgiveness, love, and mercy that God has given to us.

We hope that our honesty about life and faith encourages you all to love those around you in a powerful way.

Thank you all for the love and the anniversary wishes!

Aloha from our Ohana to yours,

Adam, Bethany, & the Boys

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