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October 1, 2022

Big News About My New Children’s Book!

Adam and I love reading our boys books before bed each night. And the boys love it too – they are always asking for more!

However, it is super important to us that our kiddos read wholesome books with uplifting and truth-filled messages. So much of what’s going into children’s minds today can be deceitful and full of untruthful messages from the world. 😬 

It’s AWFUL!!

My passion to protect and provide awesome resources to my children and for all the incredible children I’ve come to know, was the driving force for writing my new children’s book, Surfing Past Fear.  It’s the story of Olivia the Otter who conquers her fear and learns to do surfing tricks on big waves, despite some scary setbacks.

I’ve partnered with Brave Books, an awesome US-based publisher that focuses on children’s books that teach American and faith-based values. They partner with many other rad celebrities and influencers to write and publish these books. Brave Books has a Book of the Month Club and each book has fun challenges at the end that encourage family bonding!

Check it out:

I am so excited about this!! I love what Brave Books does and what they stand for, so I’m really stoked to join them in making an impact around the world. And I’m totally PUMPED to be able to provide an awesome, truly kid-friendly book that encourages children to have a spirit of resiliency and overcoming fear – a message that I’m so passionate about!!

Go to this link to purchase my new book, Surfing Past Fear, and to get a discount on the Book of the Month Club!

Here’s a fun look at the story of the book and my heart behind writing it:

I hope you enjoy Surfing Past Fear as much as my boys and I do!


P.S. Brave Books and I are giving away one of my signed surfboards at the end of October! Click here to enter for a chance to win! 😀

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