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November 9, 2021

​Growing up with Adventure in Nature

Where I grew up, in Hawaii, it’s really beautiful. Green and lush. Beautiful blue ocean and amazing sunsets.

Watch this video to learn more about my childhood and island adventure lifestyle. So much of the way I grew up I’m trying to pass along to my kids!

Watch Growing up on Kauai video

Early childhood memories are, our family going down the local raw coastline. We would kayak, camp and snorkel. It’s a great chance to see more of God’s creation and just how beautiful it is.

The unique thing about growing up on Hawaii, is just, everybody knows everyone. Many surfer family have their children on a surfboard before they can walk! It’s a fun place to be a child.

My mom shares: Our family was always at the beach. She had two brothers that always surfed. Timmy, who’s a bodyboarder, and her brother Noah who surfed.

Noah shares: When she was young she was just a little surf rat. You know, she was always at the beach. Wake up early, surf. Go to school. Get out of school, surf. Pretty much that whole routine.

Instead of the playground, my playground was the beach, surf, lava ocean pool! Cool thing is nature is free for all to enjoy!

No matter where you’re from you can find freedom in adventure and enjoyment in nature.

Live with aloha!

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