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November 26, 2020

HubbyCam Episode: Boogying in the Rain and Thankfulness

The rain & grey skies does kinda put a damper on your mood sometimes. Here in Hawaii its nothing like having the sleet, ice or days of cold, windy weather like in the mid-west where I grew up. I’m Bethany’s husband, Adam, and this week our family is focusing on turning that dreary mood upside down by having some fun and an attitude of gratitude!

This gray, wet day got me thinking about this year. A lot of this past year kinda seems like one “rainy” day after another. It really does have an impact on our mood and how we interact with others. But we have a choice of how we react.

Coming up on Thanksgiving, it’s a great time to reflect on the things we’re grateful for. Even though this year has had a lot of challenges and obstacles to overcome, there’s still so many amazing things that happen in our lives; and we can take the time to be aware of and be thankful for those things. There’s also time to have FUN during the rain! Find the silver lining through sweet times with your family, playing games and connecting on a deeper level.

Yesterday I got Tobias out in the rain in to have some BOOGIE boarding fun together! (jump to 04:28) It’s an awesome example of flipping your mindset. We had a ton of fun on our rainy day!

What do you do on rainy, or snowy, days that kinda got you feeling down? Share with me in the comments on YouTube.

We are thankful for you guys, for our faith in Jesus, our family and friends, having a house and food… So many things!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Catch ya later,


p.s. Don’t eat too much Turkey! I know I will 😉

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