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May 17, 2022

Tips for Loving Your Life as a Mom

I have 3 lil’ guys at home now and there is never a dull moment! Motherhood is better than I even dreamed!!


Children are one of the greatest gifts from God and I want to soak up every moment with my sweet boys. But, being a mom is challenging and overwhelming at times too!

I believe it’s important to stay present and engaged with our families. We don’t get this season with our little ones back! However, if we’re super overwhelmed and stressed out, it may be hard to enjoy the moment. So how do we balance prioritizing family and caring for ourselves?

Bethany loves her life as a mom

Here are my top 5 tips for loving your life as a Mom:

  1. Find Time for Something Life-Giving – For me, it’s surfing. I make it a priority to surf even when I’m pregnant. When I can’t catch waves anymore, I just swim in the ocean. The ocean is my place of peace and restoration. I know that I need this time to clear my mind and re-energize in the midst of the stress of pregnancy. For you, maybe it’s going on a walk, reading a book, or chatting with a friend. We don’t have that much time as moms so get creative, pick a time and maximize it!
  2. Keep AdaptingMotherhood requires adapting all day long! It keeps us on our toes haha. Sometimes it can get frustrating, but we gotta keep moving forward, take breaks sometimes, and re-adjust when thing are not working. Stay positive and grateful! Expect the unexpected and embrace it when it comes.
  3. Adjust Your Expectations – Adjusting my expectations has helped me so much! Recognizing that our children are children and they’re not gonna keep their spaces clean all the time or if they are tired they might not be able to hold their temper. I’m learning how to respond in a more patient way that supports them to so they feel loved and encourages them to overcome their young challenges.
  4. Set Boundaries – I wouldn’t experience any of the special moments with my children if I wasn’t prioritizing time with them. I set healthy boundaries with surfing, and all my other endeavors, so that it doesn’t steal from my children. Say ‘no’ to some things so that you can say ‘yes’ to what really matters.
  5. Prioritize your HealthPrioritize your health so that you have energy and nutritional support for your mind and body. So many moms are often tired and yes, motherhood does put a lot on you, but if you prioritize your sleep and figure out your nutrition you’ll be able to better rock it! And no, coffee is not the answer haha. I’ve been on this journey and I have experienced it firsthand! One book I recommend is Deep Nutrition. Another neat resource is

I’m cheering you on to embrace motherhood! Look for joy and just laugh more in the everyday moments. To all the moms out there, you can do it – even on the tough days! I’m cheering you to love your life as a mom today and to be the incredible mom that your children need!

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