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Be Well, My Life /
January 25, 2022

Healing Health with Honesty and Education

The human body is so intricately and beautifully designed. I believe when it’s cared for in the right ways, it will be resilient and healthy.

How can we be fearless for our health in today’s age? Today we are in the time of almost too much information! How do we even navigate it!? I’ve found it to be completely overwhelming at times. But we’ve got to start somewhere, right?

I’m not here to give you all the answers. I’m far from an expert and I still feel as though I have so much to learn. But I will give you a few places to start, ideas and books to read. Invest in your knowledge of health so that you can feel vibrant and thrive! When our health is solid and in a good place. We can then rock it in all the things that matter to us on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention avoid all the diseases that are plaguing our society.

In a go go go overly busy and overly convenient society, we end up making poor choices for our health, because our knowledge doesn’t empower us. However, we really should care for this beautiful and intricate mind and body we’ve been given with focus and thoughtfulness! Right?!

Health knowledge is one of the greatest things we can invest in, so that we can better avoid all the health problems that many face.

The last two years I have had a lot of peace for my and my family’s health because I believe we are making the right choices for long-term and short term good health.

Simple questions you can ask yourself or work to answer and solve:

  • Am I truly healthy?
  • Is my energy awesome and steady? Or do I drag and rely on things like coffee.
  • How is my mental health? Am I easily agitated? Or depressed? Or really moody?
  • Do I get sick easily? Recover fast?
  • Am I sleeping well? Waking up in the night?
  • Are my nails and hair strong? Do I have more wrinkles in my skin than I should? Is my skin clear?
  • Am I Arthritic? Sore joints?!
  • Have I struggled with eating disorders?
  • Am I worried about weight? Or do I have a hard time maintaining weight?
  • Am I on medications? Have I taken antibiotics?
  • Am I on birth control?
  • Is my period a healthy period?
  • Do I maintain my body heat? Or am I often cold?
  • Am I exercising? Am I over exercising?

Asking these questions with honesty can lead us to go on a journey to problem solve. If our society approached health with a problem solving approach there would be a lot less disease. But instead we want to pop a med pill or a supplement and move on and that is no solution my friends!

I was at a point a couple years ago where I felt like I was doing a lot of the right things to be healthy. I was eating organic, I was doing some fasting, I was active and taking my supplements. I was “supposed” to be healthy…. but my sleep was a wreck I was feeling really easily agitated. Poor energy and a number of other things led me to believe that I had adrenal fatigue, thyroid, and hormonal issues. I NEEDED to problem solve.

So I got real and honest and continued my health journey. And honestly I am still healing from much of this. But the key is: I am actually healing. Not just putting on a band aide “solution”, but actually healing. And actually thriving! I feel amazing most days!

the key is: I am actually healing. Not just putting on a band aide “solution”, but actually healing. And actually thriving!


Today I am mom of three boys. My youngest is about a year old. I’m nursing the baby a lot. I’m active and surfing! And I have great energy! And I sleep well, when the little allows me to haha! I’m way less moody. And most days wake up ready to charge and do all of the things… Clean the house, feed my children (all day long haha), surf, play, and live life to the fullest! I eat nutritious food and lots of it and I’m satisfied and stoked! My point in sharing all of this is that I hope the same for you!


A few health books that have been awesome to read in my journey.

PLEASE NOTE these may not “be the solution,” but will get you going! Learn to read your own body and become your problem solver!

Deep Nutrition “Why your genes need traditional food”

Nourishing Traditions

The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with foods strait from soil

How to Heal Your Metabolism

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Remember be honest, kind and gracious with yourself. Be brave and start educating yourself so that you too can thrive!

Journal it:

Which of the above questions really popped out at you? Note why. Write out any and all of the issues you may be facing, and then take next steps to begin learning how to address these. You deserve to feel and function your best!

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