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March 28, 2020

Better Mindset…Better YOU

Lately I’m putting a lot of focus on having a healthy mindset. A healthy mindset is extra important right now as we all navigate the daily changes and challenges brought on by the coronavirus.

I think it is so RAD that you can actually train your mind! This work on mindset is helping a lot in 2020 as I’m focused on competing in surfing. Competition requires a really strong, adaptable, and focused mind. I’m enjoying the challenge!

Not to mention, a positive mindset helps with mothering, being a great wife and friend, and of course it’s essential in helping accomplish goals and overcome any obstacles that come our way!

In my recent conversation with Gabby Reece about Training Your Mind for my Unstoppable Year Course, Gabby said: “One of the best tools to help train your mind is the understanding of where you are at – take stock of your thoughts.”

Taking stock of your thoughts can make you aware of possible negative thought patterns. Gabby talked about a very simple and practical practice in controlling negative thinking – the practice of changing your language. Instead of saying to yourself that you “have to” do something (be quarantined, work, study, do chores, go to the grocery store, exercise)…try saying “I get to ____”. That little change can make a big impact in your thinking and doing.

I get to be home with my family for a while.

I get to care for the people I live with and also the house that brings me shelter!

I get to provide for my family!

I get to educate myself.

I willingly apologize to this person for my outburst.

I can forgive that friend for family member.

I get to create a nutritious meal to nourish my loved ones and me!

I like how Gabby Reece puts it…“If I flip me, I flip my environment.”

There is so much power in focusing on what we CAN control, and usually the only thing we can control is our own thinking, attitude, actions, and language. Blaming circumstance or environment or other people often results in us complaining, whining, being filled with anger or making excuses. Instead, we can make changes in ourselves and our thinking and watch how things around us change. Flip me, flip my environment!

Another way to say it is…reframe! Just like Nick Vujicic talked about in the Unstoppable Year module on Overcoming Obstacles, we can practice seeing obstacles as opportunities. Now that is an example of mental training!

In our Training Your Mind conversation, Laird Hamilton said, “Groove the pattern in your mind of learning.” I couldn’t agree more. In the Unstoppable life we cultivate the mindset of a lifelong learner and we look at obstacles and circumstances as an opportunity to learn and grow.

No matter what stage of life we are in, we can all become aware of our thoughts, have a growth mindset, and make beautiful changes that will not only better us, but will also allow us to pour out into the lives of those around us! Catch yourself in your thought patterns and be your own advocate! Be honest and gracious with yourself and those around you!

Let your thoughts be filled with the true and beautiful things in life!

If you are interested in learning more about Training Your Mind, come join us in my Unstoppable Year Course where we take a deep dive on this important topic.

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