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October 27, 2020

5 Moves I Wish I Did Every Day

Join me as I walk you through some of my favorite functional moves. These aren’t exactly workout moves – they are simply good BODY CARE moves I wish I did every day.

We will take it easy at first and then get a little sweat going!

This was filmed during the early phase of craziness of 2020, but our advice is the same today…Stay positive. Be thankful. Keep moving. Eat healthy. Practice good self-care. Tap into resources around you to keep reaching for your dreams and goals.

Ok, here they are…My Favorite Five Daily Body Care Moves

Hip circles. These are so amazing for releasing tightness in your hips from sitting or working out. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keep good posture. Switch directions. Really great if you sit a lot. Helps lengthen muscles.

Windmills. Opens up and strengthens the side the body and stretches the spine. We refer to it as a dynamic stretch. You can widen your stance. Arms shouldn’t move, only torso.

Cat and dog. Stretches the spine/back. Gets hips in alignment. Can prevent hip/back injury. Inhale on dog…exhale on cat. Slow and thoughtful.

Hip rotators. Back and legs straight. Toes up. Flex quads. Wiggle back and forth. Feet-knees-hips all connected and rotating together. Can put hands behind back for support. Keep posture strong.

Wall sits. Knees aligned with hips. Feet aligned with knees. “Sitting” with your legs in a 90 degree angle. Heels pushed into ground but toes loose. Flex booty. Let arms hang. Back flat against wall. This can help with back pain.

Bonus move = Squat pyramid. Pulse down (1, 2, 3…up to 6), squat up.

Keep watching the video past the 5 Moves and join Adam and me for a quick HIIT workout + Floor workout + Abs workout. Don’t let distractions ruin your workout time – just keep moving. You will see a great example of this in our numerous visits from little Wesley while filming this video. Hey, it’s just Parent Life!

And we end with 5 stretches I wish I did every day. Use stretching as a time to multi-task and focus on your breathing, practice gratitude, have a time of self-reflection, or pray.

  • Windmills
  • Hip flexors
  • Legs on the wall
  • Resting supine
  • My #1 fav hip stretch we call it the 90 90 hip release…place one foot on wall at a 90 degree angle and the other foot on knee, the push knee away to stretch.

Working out, stretching, and moving should be focused on living healthy. I encourage you practice body care every day in some way, shape, or form. Let’s stay active and healthy together so we can tackle all the purposeful and life-giving things we hope to!

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