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COVID-19 has shaken our world in ways no one predicted, and I find myself having just built an entire course equipping people to navigate through life’s tough stuff. So I decided to give away 2,500 memberships to my Unstoppable Year course.

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In the course, I’ll share about the beauty and pain, joy and sadness, failure and triumphs, and help you live a deeply rich and meaningful life… even in the midst of crisis.


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With a healthy mind and body, and with an anchored identity in Christ, you can confidently face any obstacle that comes your way. My hope is to inspire you to chase your passions and live your purpose. Follow along as I share everything from overcoming hardships and staying true to my faith to behind the scenes videos of surf, travel and fun, plus workouts and healthy recipes.

My Mission

I'm here to encourage you and show you how to be unstoppable.

I’m Bethany

I know life can be hard, but I’ve learned that
we can rise above even the biggest challenges
and fears. No matter where you’ve come from,
or what you’re facing, you are loved by God,
and you can overcome.

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What if you could Live Unstoppable?

You can! I can guide you.

I’ve spent over a decade learning to overcome obstacles and live the life I want to. Now I’m ready to share exactly how I do that with you. My 12-month course has launched, join today for a discounted rate!

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Friends of Bethany

Restoring Hope to

I want everyone to know they can be unstoppable! My non-profit, Friends of Bethany, brings hope to those affected by limb loss and shows them how their beautiful life stories can inspire others. Friends of Bethany also produces faith-based live youth events that motivate and share the unstoppable power of Jesus Christ’s love.

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