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This blog is the real deal.

I’ll surf you through life’s tough stuff, talk story and all things girly (you’ll like it too, guys). I’ll share about the beauty and pain, joy and sadness, failure and triumphs, and help you live a deeply rich and meaningful life strengthened in your faith. I will bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning, and keep it real and honest as I go.

When it comes to the hard stuff in life, I am here to be your friend. You get me, my story and all I share with you here.

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Crafted out of my own experience, my courses cover the foundational topics that make up an Unstoppable Life. Although I’ve lived out every one of the trainings I teach, I invited friends who are absolute experts on each subject to ensure you have everything you need to transform your life.

Inspirational stories. Life changing perspective shifts. Step by step action plans. Powerful community support.

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A Few of Your Stories

an amazing tool

“The deeper I dive, the more I realize how dang good this study is! And I’m going on 60!
I know you probably thought it would appeal primarily to younger women. But, as I transition to my next chapter-adventures, it’s really helpful!
I am very grateful to the Unstoppable Living Course creators, Bethany and Adam, the speakers, and the team for providing such an amazing tool!
God bless you for blessing us!”

Course: Unstoppable Life All Access

the best investment

“I think it’s been the best investment we have ever made. It’s drawn Grace and I closer together and has made us more intentional about talking about things and intentional about our relationship.”

Emily & Grace
'Ohana Mother Daughter Experience

grow in the Lord together

“This program is just taking a step of faith and trusting the Lord to just do something more in your relationship.. This is the kind of a program you can take the time to pour into your daughter and focus on them. When you sit down and just think about tough subjects you can tackle them together and grow in the lord together.”

Brynn & Trinity
'Ohana Mother Daughter Experience

conquer doubt

“It’s never too late to start a new journey [and] taking the courses will give you the momentum you need to move forward and conquer any doubt.”

Course: Unstoppable Life All Access
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Unstoppable takes the viewer on an incredible journey as a girl becomes a woman and a resilient athlete rises to the top of her game against all odds, becoming one of the leading professional surfers in the world. From chasing her toddler, to chasing the biggest waves, Bethany is continuously rewriting the rules by living an Unstoppable Life, and brings new meaning to the phrase “surfs like a girl.”

Unstoppable weaves intimate observational footage of Bethany and her family, archival footage of Bethany as a young woman, and gorgeous ocean wave panoramas into a heroic tale of bravery, perseverance, athleticism, and hope.

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