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May 28, 2024

Life is a Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act. 

Sounds familiar, right?  The age-old cliche.  The key to healthy relationships, family, work life, health, etc…is to keep it all in balance!
Yes, there is definitely some truth in that! We do need to prioritize, make boundaries, and set aside time for each plate that we are spinning. But sometimes, don’t you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed that you don’t know how you’re going to spin even a couple of those plates?
That is why we need to focus on where our help and strength come from.  Our hope and purpose come from our Lord Jesus Christ!

I wanted this blog to be about an update from the last 6 weeks of our life. We didn’t send out blogs or emails for that period because, honestly, we were just so overwhelmed with everything going on in life that we just didn’t have the time or bandwidth to send one out!  Adam and I really do love being able to encourage ya’ll through this, so for those who were looking forward to these the last couple months we apologize.

However, we really did enjoy being on the road being able to encourage young adults at Christian Heritage Academy in their faith journeys. I really loved supporting Save the Storks at their gala in efforts to raise awareness and funds to help women make life-affirming choices! I also really enjoyed being apart of LifeSurge, it’s an amazing Christian conference that shares the Gospel and shares how to seek counsel in business and life. From there, we went to the East Coast to kick off the Red Bird Foundation’s fundraising efforts. It was so rad to learn about Red Bird’s mission to help families going through medical troubles and needing a break.
I could keep going on about how much we loved seeing family along the way and the fun stops we made with the children, crucial stops, haha!
O.       .       
Now we are home getting back into the swing of home life and catching up on the backlog of emails! Yes, it can get quite overwhelming looking at our to-do list, raising the children, plus trying to squeeze in a couple of surfs, but we can’t let these things crowd out what I mentioned at the beginning…all these plates we are spinning would fall if we don’t keep our eyes on Him.
I’m so thankful for our Church here at home. We can receive His gifts and know that no matter what we are going through, God’s love has covered it all, He is with us and will not forsake us.  The worries and concerns we have, He knows them and cares for these things too.  I know that His Will, will be done. That whatever life may send my way, His truth will carry me through it all.
I hope that through this up coming summer season, that you may remember to stay in His Word, I know that a switch up in routines can sometimes throw this off, you got this!

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