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May 21, 2019

Only One

Recently when we were traveling to California, I became so overwhelmed. Adam and I were talking about all the things left unaccomplished back at home, all the pressing plans that lay ahead, meanwhile we were dealing with the immediate reality of our overtired boys on an airplane.  It all created the perfect storm of worry and distraction.

It’s just so easy to get caught up, wrapped up, and tangled up in the endless to-do lists and demands of life.

Do we need to do all of the things we are doing? Can we slow down and have a more reasonable pace of life? What is most valuable to me and is that a part of my daily life as it should be?

Luke 10:41, “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one.”

This verse in Luke displays a similar scene, but here Jesus surprises us. He acknowledges that many things are pulling at Martha.  Christ doesn’t scold Martha, or us, for the many things that can keep us busy, distracted, stressed, or worried. All of these symptoms can stem from good intentions. We want to serve our neighbors, provide for our families, and provide opportunities for our children. But all these activities can leave us worn out and with little time to spend time in God’s word.

Jesus was not angry at Martha for her busyness, or with us, but rather He is inviting us to spend time with Him.  Inviting us to receive His word, strengthen our faith, and receive peace that only comes through Him.  When we’re busy with all the extras we can miss the true joy right in front of us, we can miss Jesus.

This verse gives us clarity, and directs our efforts, emotions, and energy towards the things that matter. Jesus is concerned with us being present with Him.

On a more practical note, I’ve found writing lists of the things I need to get done helps me a lot. I slowly can check them off and also not forget. This also helps me rest my mind at bed time! And so does reading!

Being Unstoppable means letting go of being overly busy and prioritizing your life with God.

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