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April 14, 2020

Keeping a Level Head in Crazy Times

I think for all of us this time feels so surreal and somewhat crazy! In the midst of the unknown and upheaval of normal life, I’ve found keeping a level head and a healthy mindset is essential!

I was recently reminded that these times are similar to events in history that we as a people have faced before…and we have come through them! It will be ok! There are a couple big things we must strive for during times of trial such as these, so that we can truly see and believe that it will be ok.

First, choosing to be grateful.

Gratitude helps with everything! So, I wanted to start by sharing some things I am currently, and often, thankful for.

I’m thankful for my faith and knowing that God is ultimately in control and has provided everything we need. I cherish my family and our good health. I’m grateful we had emergency savings, and this was a big reminder to always be prepared. My heart goes out to all those feeling financial pressures and pains at this time.

I’m thankful that my family and I have this time to slow down, be thoughtful, enjoy each other, and dream for the future. Adam and I are getting aligned and talking about everything we can think of, it’s precious time that I cherish. This is the ultimate time to BE PRESENT!!!!

Second, maintaining perspective.

How do we keep a level head or carry ourselves with patience when we face an obstacle such as a pandemic, financial crisis, or even a relational issue? Whatever we face, we must try to see things clearly. For me, my perspective is firmly rooted in my faith. God has demonstrated an immense love to us through His Son Jesus, and because of this love I can trust and know that He deeply cares for us through all circumstances, that times of trial are times to strengthen our faith. This assurance allows me to take a deep breath, pray, be thankful, and be reminded of His goodness through everything. When we have perspective, a cool mind, and a grateful heart we can start to take proper action.

A good regular life example of this is when my boys are fighting and screaming at one another. It is pretty easy for me to lose my temper right along with them and raise my voice. But what does that achieve? After I raise my voice and scold them, they end up feeling sullen and I can see that they have been “taken down a notch.” That’s not what I want to do! I am working on keeping a level head so that I can take the right action, a thoughtful action that will be effective and encouraging. Perspective helps me remember that it’s normal for siblings to fight and that my reactions and emotions can make the situation better or worse.

When we have perspective, a cool mind, and a grateful heart we can start to take proper action.

So, right now when we are bombarded with news and opinions that are creating fear and uncertainty in our lives, let’s do our best to keep our perspective, stay calm, and live in gratitude. Buying massive amounts of toilet paper and other supplies won’t create stability in our lives. Actions like that stem from strong emotions running rampant, kinda like me losing my temper at the boys. Instead, we can breathe, pray, and remember our blessings.

Even in the stress of these crazy times, let’s strive to act in ways that are uplifting not only to ourselves, but most importantly to others around us. Let your actions be thoughtful and peaceful and stem from patience and thoughtfulness. Who knows, our thoughtful actions and responses may help someone change their perspective as well! Let’s try to counter the fearful messages swirling around us by living with perspective and gratitude.

We are Unstoppable when we slow ourselves down and approach chaos with a thoughtful and grateful mindset.

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