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May 5, 2020


Lately we’ve had some really rough days. We all do, right? Especially right now.

Specifically, I’m talking about parenting. There are ups and downs, rhythms get disrupted, kids get fussy and even rude, or mom and dad need sleep or rest. These tough parenting days are the kind of days you finish feeling defeated, ashamed and down.

Parenting is no easy task, it requires being present, consistent, and practicing some real patience. It’s incredible how parenting is one of the most joyful, beautiful, and incomparable experiences in life, yet it is also extremely challenging, frustrating and even painful at times.

Whether you are a parent, or dealing with other relationship challenges, when you get to the end of a really rough day, or week, I encourage you to forgive yourself, and let it go. Take the time to be honest with your family and apologize to your children and spouse (or whomever you need to). And if you believe in God, seek His forgiveness too!

Then, move forward with intentionality, planning, and grace in order to serve and love your family well. The good news is that we get a fresh start each and every day.

We all deserve forgiveness and grace, which will lead to a life that flourishes and nourishes beauty and closeness!

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19


P.S. We talk more about Forgiveness in my Unstoppable Year Course and outline four affirmations that I use in my practice of forgiveness and healing from past emotional wounds. It is incredibly encouraging to hear how the course is already making a difference in people’s lives and relationships. Join us!

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