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December 17, 2018

4 Reasons I Avoid Processed Foods

In this video, I share the main reasons why I avoid processed foods at all costs and how I make it possible for my family!

Question Time with Bethany!

Why do you avoid processed foods?

#1 – They’re made in a factory by machines. So you’re definitely not getting anything fresh.

#2 – Often processed foods are full of ingredients that I can’t even read on the label. So that kind of scares me.

#3 – I feel really good when I eat fresh, alive food! My taste buds have definitely become accustomed to healthy eating.

#4 – I like to support my local farmers. I just want to know what I’m eating, and where it comes from; and how its only going to benefit me and give me good energy so that I can surf, be a good mom and wife.

When Adam and I got together, I like to eat really healthy, and he was so sweet he would eat healthy with me. But obviously once we got married I didn’t know what that was going to look like. But he got really stoked on eating healthy too! So it was nice that we were aligned on that.

For us, we try to keep our fridge stocked with healthy foods so that we aren’t tempted to eat less healthy. And when we go out and about, we know our favorite local spots. Or if we’re traveling we’ll look on Yelp, look up healthy spots. But we try not to get ourselves in situations where we aren’t prepared. Like for example, the airport; we’ll always bring healthy snacks, cause the airport usually never has anything available that is too great for you.

It definitely takes a little more time, but to us it’s worth it.

Tell me your reasons for avoiding processed foods! #bethanystylehealth

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