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February 25, 2021

Why I Removed Social From My Phone

I removed my social from my phone 🤗❌📱

Hey friends! Sooo…I have some good news to share…at least it’s been good news in my life…I removed Instagram and Facebook from my phone.

Here’s why.

The privacy you don’t have on these platforms is terrible. They have access to EVERYTHING. I’ll let you do your own research if this concerns you.

Also, I just wanted to spend less time on social platforms and be more present with my life…and it’s working out great!!!

I find it crazy how addicting social media can be. Do your fingers just move like magnets to these platforms even when you may not want them to?! Mine sure do.

Also, personally, I get disappointed when I’m with friends or family and they just zone out and disappear from hanging out with us and fade away into online social world. They are just gone. Have you been there?


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I didn’t delete my social accounts…after all I still want to connect with you all! …I removed the apps from my phone and put them on an old phone I had around. You could also put your social apps on an ipad or just log in from a computer. The idea is to take it off the device that you have with you most of the time (probably your phone) to help you be more present and less drawn to the dreaded scroll.

Less accessible = less tempting.

Anyway, this change I made a month ago or so has been AMAZING! I wish I did it sooner! I just had to share this idea with y’all so you too may experience the freedom and goodness of owning your time and life a little bit more!

Lots of love and peace,

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