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November 12, 2019

Who Has Time For That?

Written by my hubby Adam

I wear a lot of metaphorical hats in our family. A husband, the father of two boys, the number-one-super fan and support to my wife’s pro surfing career, a business man conducting various work meetings, house/yard maintenance guy, countless odd jobs (aka Honey-Do’s) aficionado, and the list goes on!

I’m thankful for all of those roles, and in order to maintain my sanity, I thrive with some form of physical workout or labor built into my daily routine. But, I often have trouble finding the time or motivation to do so. So many things pull at my mind and time in different directions that if I do have an opening in my schedule I just want to veg out and watch Netflix or simply lay down.


Recently, I started reminiscing about my past football career in high school and college. Man was I active, and man do I ever feel lazy and out of shape compared to those days! One big factor, I noticed, was having time and motivation. In high school I was highly motivated to be in shape for sports. Living 10 miles away from the gym put me at a disadvantage, so I would often have to wake up early, ride my bike in, do my workout, then ride back. I made the time to make it work.

I made the time to make it work.

Fast forward to now. I realize that I need to apply similar principals. What am I motivated for?  It looks completely different, but I need to constantly reevaluate and remind myself of my motivation. Mostly, I’m motivated to stay in shape so I can throw my kids and their cousins super high in the air, but there are also the health benefits of course.

Whenever we choose to do something, we are choosing not to do something else. When I biked to and from the gym, I sacrificed a little bit of sleep to wake up early and reap the benefits of working out. As much as I love sleeping in, I’m realizing this is a principle I need to practice today also. Once the kids are awake, the day turns into a whirlwind of diapers and work tasks. Early morning workouts it is then!

I hope that by reading this you can find a little inspiration towards an active lifestyle. It was definitely healthy for me to reflect on all of this, and I hope you will be encouraged to think about it too. Take time to evaluate your motivations, make an achievable goal, and if needed make the tough call to carve out time to reach your goals. Get up early! Or simply sacrifice one episode of your favorite Netflix show. You can do it!

Being Unstoppable means making time to work toward your goals.


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Journal It:

Ask yourself: What am I motivated for?

Then, write an achievable goal relating to your health.

Lastly, write what you need to do, and what sacrifices you need to make to reach that goal… and stick to it!

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