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January 14, 2020

What is your WHY?

In my recent (really fun) conversation with Jenna Kutcher on her Goal Digger podcast, Jenna asked me about my Unstoppable Year Course. She asked that simple but significant one word question… WHY? Why offer a course?

Why is such an important question to ask yourself. Why do I make the choices I make? Why am I motivated to do something, or not do something? Whether it is a big long term goal, or a seemingly small choice in regular daily life…what’s YOUR why? WHY can be applied to any area… a relationship, a job, a project, a goal, a boundary, an adventure. My hubby Adam recently shared in his post Who Has Time For That about how his WHY for staying in shape has changed since becoming a dad.

Answering the big W-H-Y helps you examine your motivation, intentions, and even identity.

The WHY behind my Unstoppable Year Course is simple… I’ve been in a position of inspiring for 15+ years since returning to surfing with one arm, and now I want to go deeper with those wondering ‘how did she do that?’ and help EQUIP. I think everyone can be Unstoppable in their own life; and I want to make a difference every day by helping you and others to overcome, and live meaningful, faithful lives!  My team and I have gathered resources and people that will help encourage and equip by going deeper into topics that are really important to how I’ve lived my own “Unstoppable” life. Topics such as…being present, overcoming obstacles, letting go of comparison, optimizing health, and anchoring your identity, to name a few.

There is a new topic each month for 12 months and you are encouraged to dive deep — on your own and together in community. Course participants actually don’t even have the option of rushing through the material because modules are released one month apart from each other. Why you might ask? Well, it’s intentional. I’m trying to help course participants to slow down – especially young people who have only known a fast-paced-high-tech world their whole lives. You get 30 days to work through, wrestle with, and invest in each month’s topic – and we give you videos, live Q&As, monthly action plans, and a private Facebook Group community to guide and cheer you along.

Why is such an important question to ask yourself.

Most topics we discuss ask the big “WHY?” but you don’t have to take the course to ask yourself that question. Take a look at your life and your choices; examine your reasons and purpose. What is YOUR why? Ask yourself. Write it down. Share it with someone. Ask a loved one about their WHY – it makes for great connection and inspiration.

And even if you don’t join my course, I really hope you are inspired through these blog posts to live your best life!

Lots of love!


To hear more from my conversation with Jenna Kutcher…click here.

Or to learn more about my Unstoppable Year Course…click here.

Find your why and be Unstoppable!

Journal it:

What is your WHY? Think of all these areas: life in general, a goal, a boundary, even an adventure.  Write it down.  If you don’t already have a reason or purpose in these things, work on one!



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