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October 1, 2020

We Call it the Unstoppable LIFE

For years I had been dreaming about creating something life-giving to encourage and empower others in life.

That dream came to be in the form of my Unstoppable Year Course which was launched in September 2019.

Soon we will be renaming it “Unstoppable Life” because that is what I hope all of you will be inspired to live in your own journeys beyond just a year–to feel good about the life you’re living, be an overcomer, and carry out life with that Unstoppable approach!

When deciding to name my documentary, I didn’t look at myself and think “I’m Unstoppable”…but I saw how I adapted to different situations and faced obstacles with a positive outlook, powered by my faith, and I wanted to share that. We took the name beyond the film and into a practical resource for my community and beyond because I want everyone to be Unstoppable in their own beautiful life.

I personally feel like the world is often against us, stealing our joy, peace and the beauty we could have in life. Are you feeling it? The stress! The go go go and the do do do. The challenges just keep on coming…

I want to do more in this world that I see needs so much encouragement! More than just encouragement, I’ve set into motion an epic program to equip anyone and everyone in my circle of influence, because I am passionate about YOU living Unstoppable! My husband Adam, our team and I thought the best way to equip was to take life empowering topics that have made a huge difference in my life and bring in guests that could speak expertise and rad stories to those areas. 12 topics for 12 months = 1 Unstoppable Year.

The feedback from the Unstoppable course members has been SO incredibly exciting. People are intentionally implementing the tools and practices we provide, and their lives are beautifully changing! Watching the impact has confirmed what we’ve hoped for all along…this course content is so much bigger than a YEAR, it is truly about living an Unstoppable LIFE!

This course content is so much bigger than a YEAR, it is truly about living an Unstoppable LIFE!

In the spirit of adapting (apparently the theme for 2020…and life) we are adapting the program to fit your needs and this is my big announcement.

We are about to make two BIG changes…

First, we are excited to be able to offer COURSE TOPICS INDIVIDUALLY. You can choose individual courses (or bundles) and dive in to topics that really speak to you, focusing on the areas you know you need to focus on. It is also more financially manageable for some to have the option to invest in one or a few courses instead of the whole package.

Be Present is the first topic to be available as a standalone course! The rest are coming soon!

Second, what was formerly known as the Unstoppable Year Course will become an ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP to the entire program (all the courses plus any extra content we add in the future!). We are giving you the ability to determine your order and your pace. I still recommend going slowly on each topic since lasting change takes time and focus.

I want to empower you to live an Unstoppable Life and these changes to the course program felt like a way to make the content even more helpful and workable for you!

I know a lot of you are still living a somewhat altered daily life due to 2020 being turned upside down;

in a year when there have been A LOT of new challenges, reasons to adapt, and stress levels are higher, it has never been more important to take time to reflect and make changes in your life that will help you to be Unstoppable the next time changes, obstacles and setbacks come your way.

My hope for you is to live an Unstoppable Life, where challenges push you closer to your purpose, not away from it. In a time when we need more light and hope than ever, my dream is that the content in the Unstoppable Life program will provide you with tools to reflect, learn from others, overcome, and make positive lasting changes in your life.

An Unstoppable YOU makes for better relationships and a better world.


p.s. You can get in on the Unstoppable Life course for a great price right now! Go to the course page for all the details.

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