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July 14, 2022

Using Technology to Help, Not to Hurt

Technology is a mixed blessing.

On one hand, I’m incredibly thankful to be able to connect with friends and family around the world. I love being able to watch a good movie or find inspiration and encouragement online.

But on the other hand, there are dangers to our growing use and dependency on technology. Our consumption of all things screens can have a negative effect on our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Social media is at the top of the list for the concerning consequences of technology use, especially as it relates to our mental health. More and more studies are being released showing a direct correlation between social media use and depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, and negative body image.

Here is a clip me sharing some of these issues with my ‘Ohana moms and daughters:

The problems screens can cause are real. But, educating ourselves to these dangers empowers us to make better decisions. Both as parents and individuals, we can set healthy boundaries to protect ourselves and our children.

To help us delve deeper into this topic, I welcomed well-know author and speaker Dr. Kathy Koch. Dr. Kathy is the Founder and President of Celebrate Kids, Inc., and a co-founder of Ignite the Family.

In her groundbreaking new book “Screens And Teens: Connecting With Our Kids In A Wireless World,” Dr. Kathy draws connections between technology use and many of the common complaints she hears from parents today. Character issues and attitudes, according to Dr. Kathy, are rooted in technology.

Watch this clip as Dr. Kathy talks openly about one of the lies technology is perpetrating in this generation:


It’s very important to me to support our youth, especially girls, in the struggles they are facing due to technology and today’s culture.

Depression is on the rise and so is the use of technology and screens. But, you don’t have to allow social media and technology bring you down. The Scriptures are so clear that we need to guard our eyes! I’m cheering you on to start making strong decisions in terms of what you are watching and looking at. I hope that you take this as a very serious reminder to be careful of what you are feeding your eyes because after all, our eyes are the lamp to our body and our soul.

Whether it be anxiety, hopelessness, defeat, worthlessness or any other dark things that you may be feeling, we’re here to just encourage you and love on you and remind you that you don’t have to stay in this place. Our life is so precious and we can come out of these places of meaninglessness, emptiness and valuelessness. The Bible says so many hopeful things that we can fix our eyes on, especially the truth of God and the life that He has for us.

I’m cheering you on to start making decisions about technology that will help you, not hurt you!

Remember, you are treasured by God and He has a beautiful plan for your life!

Love y’all!

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