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Ohana Sessions /
April 23, 2022

Tuning In To Your Body

A woman’s body is one of the many wonders of creation by God. As many of you know, health is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

We all want to live a life full of energy and joy right?

During my ‘Ohana Experience Weekly Live Sessions, we talk about Women’s Health and the changing seasons of women’s bodies. To join me in addressing the topic of woman’s health, I brought in Kori Meloy. Kori is on a mission to help us all understand that our habits & choices directly impact the health of our future.

Kori hosts the popular, “The Freely Rooted” Podcast where she educates people worldwide on how to take charge of their health and their vitality! She has also created an online course as a step by step guide to teach the ways of living a pro metabolic life.

Here is a highlight from what Kori shared:

“I want you guys to think about the fact that our bodies are truly temples. Temples that God has given us that we are able to steward. When we take care of them, they flourish.

“We may be doing something in the name of health but we realize it isn’t helping. We may learn later on that it is not supportive of our bodies physiology. When I reflect on my own story of having endometriosis, this is when I thought I was SO healthy. 

“I was making sure I was eating some green veggies and exercising all the time. But what I was really doing was checking off a list of “health” vs. turning inwards to see “how does this meal make me feel?” Do I feel satiated? Am I hungry when I wake? Does that food feel good to my body? Do I not want to work out today?”

I appreciated hearing from Kori. It is such a good reminder to be more in tune with how our food and environment affects our health. At some point bad habits will catch up to us, like not eating enough, excessive fasting, over exercising, cutting out major food groups, coffee on an empty tummy and much more!

Of course this got me excited to share with my online audience the importance of starting somewhere with health.

No matter what stage of life you are at, you can make positive changes that will impact you and your energy for the rest of your life!

Here’s a little snippet from my talk with the Ohana ladies.

There are so many voices when it comes to the health space. Tuning in and listening to the feedback of your own body and tracking what it’s saying is the best road map of all. And really just been honest with yourself.

Eating nourishing and enough food for me meant I was less irritable and more energetic. And that led me to be better able to serve and love on my children and my husband. I am able to handle the stresses of life better better, but I still have some healing to do and I’m gonna continue to seek what works best for me and problem solve the areas that don’t quite feel right!

I’m cheering you on to do the same!



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