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December 3, 2019

The Three Truths Question

In a recent conversation with Lewis Howes on his School of Greatness Podcast (August 25, 2019) I was asked a really big and deep question. I felt like I needed months of thought to put into my answer, but had to respond quickly. Here is what I said on the spot…

“Lewis Howes: This question is called the three truths. I want you to imagine that you are the great great grandmother that you dream of being, and you’ve created everything you wanted to create in your life. You’ve accomplished all the dreams, all the big goals that you’ve set. You’ve made them happen. You’ve got the family of your dreams. You’ve done it all. But you have to take everything with you. Everything you’ve created, you’re books, your movies, you have to take everything with you so that no one has access to your information anymore…all your social media content, it’s all gone. But you get to write down the three things you know to be true about your life, the lessons you would leave behind. All people would have to remember you by are these lessons. What would you say are your three truths? From the top of your head… What lessons would you want people to take away from your life?

I responded:

1. Faithfulness. To people in my life. And to God.

2. We can be unstoppable. No matter what the challenges are that come our way. I always think about how I’ve faced an immense amount of challenge, but some people have faced a lot more, and a lot more pain. I really take that to heart and know that I don’t fully understand all the pains of the world. But, I believe that in my own life my passions have driven me to overcome…and that’s my faith in God, surfing, my family. These are the things that continually push me forward. I hope that people can find their passion to overcome their challenges.

3. Enjoy the moment. Get some adventure in you.”

Be faithful. Be unstoppable. Be present.

Sometimes when we are forced to answer questions on the spot it reveals what is at the top of our heart, and not just our head.

So now it’s your turn…

What would you say if someone asked you this question? What are your three truths?

Journal It:

Take a few minutes to reflect and write down how you would answer the question. Don’t overthink it. What comes to mind quickly is probably your most authentic answer.

Now keep your own answers nearby to remind you of the legacy you want your life to leave. Try to lean in to and live your answers in little ways, day by day.

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