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August 11, 2022

The Courage to Say ‘No’

Experimenting with drugs is one decision that could change the trajectory of your life.

After losing both of his brothers to drug addiction, Jon Sundt became passionate about bringing hope and change to the way we teach drug prevention.

I invited Jon Sundt, founder of Natural High, back again to the ‘Ohana Mother Daughter Experience to share about the power of positive influences in the prevention of drug and alcohol use.

In this clip Jon shares his story, the heartbreaking account of his brothers’ addictions and how their deaths altered the course of his life.

Because of all he’s been through, Jon has dedicated his life to helping young people make better choices.

The mission of Natural High is “to inspire and empower youth to find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well.”

They strive to do this through engaging influencers as storytellers, sharing their own positive life choices and encouraging teens to find what inspires and motivates them.

Like Jon, I’m hopeful that his story, and the many others shared on the Natural High website, will touch lives in a way that causes teens to rethink their decision to experiment with drugs.

He went on to share the sobering reality that experimenting with illicit drugs has been forever changed by fentanyl.

It can take only one encounter with this hidden substance to end a life. Many of the all-too-common street drugs that kids are tempted by have been laced with fentanyl. The statistics are staggering. And the scary truth is that you won’t know it’s there until it is too late.

Natural High has produced a powerful 6-minute film, “Dead on Arrival”, to educate our youth on the dangers of this potent drug. Click on the image below to learn more.

This is a topic that is both sobering and heavy. My heart aches for those who have bought into the lie that drugs will lead to something good or that “everyone’s doing it”. It’s just not true!

There are more teens choosing to live their natural high than there are falling into the temptation of these substances.

I’m encouraged by the movement of speaking positivity and truth into the lives of today’s youth.

God has made us for more!

He has created us beautifully and intentionally. He has placed within us all that we need to experience our own natural highs.

By developing our passions and chasing the things that inspire us, we can find fulfillment and joy that far exceeds anything an artificial drug can offer!

Check out this clip of me sharing my own passion for surfing:

What are the things that light you up in life? What’s your Natural High?

I’m cheering you on as you follow your own dreams!

P.S. To learn more about the ‘Ohana Experience, where we are having these poignant conversations with teen girls and their moms, click here!

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