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May 21, 2020

The Bomb Couch Workout

Have you noticed that there has been some unexpected radness in all the mess of lock downs, physical distancing, and upset norms? I have!

One bit of fun and radness we’ve been enjoying since our travel and competition plans were interrupted due to Covid-19 has been time at home with you all! Adam and I have been doing Saturday workouts on FB Live, as well as weekly Live Q&As with our Unstoppable Year Course participants (or the “Unstoppables” as I like to call them). It’s been a blast connecting with you while we all #stayhome.

Early in April we made a joke about doing a “Couch Workout” since we are all spending so much time at home. We decided to turn that joke into a reality and I’m excited to share our “Couch Workout” with you here. You will see that it is no joke at all and you can actually work up a good sweat from the comfort of your living room!

I know this time is also very very hard for many and my heart is heavy over that… But we still must try to search for the good. Staying healthy mentally and physically is more important than ever right now, and exercise is proven to help with both! Join Adam and me in a one of a kind “Couch Workout!” Even under more normal circumstances than quarantine, you may find yourselves stuck inside due to bad weather, or unable to get to the gym due to kids, or work, or whatever. Who needs a gym??  Now there’s no excuse for not getting your heart pumping with some great functional movement!  Do something great for yourself and then take on the rest of your day! And hey, you could even watch my documentary Unstoppable while you do this (ha!)…

A few disclaimers before we start:

  • If you have kids wandering around while you try to do this just go ahead and INCLUDE THEM – it takes a lot less energy than being mad that they are interrupting! You will see Tobias and Wesley make appearances throughout this workout 🙂 I always prep snacks and water before I start and then place it out for them.
  • Innovate and adapt the moves as you need to, the important thing is to KEEP MOVING.
  • Add your own MUSIC to make it even more fun!
  • You will see that I don’t always count reps perfectly (or follow recipes exactly – ha ha), but a TIMER on your iphone may be helpful.
  • Take breaks as needed, but if you can, push through and KEEP GOING!

Ok, let’s go…


  • Posture Check. Sit on edge of couch, back straight, neck aligned, activate abs/gluts/hamstrings.
  • Neck. Warm up by moving slowly side to side, up and down, and in circles.
  • Arm circles. Activate your shoulders. Make circles the size of dinner plates. Flip palms. Follow video for “golfers grip”. (Do about 20)
  • Swimmers. Activates torso.
  • Foot taps. Single leg. Lean back slightly. Point toes. Knee to chest.
  • Squats. Be gentle. Feet shoulder width apart. (Do about 20)
  • Hip circles. One of my favorites!


  • Side to side squat. Wide legs. Arms out reaching. Squat and shift to side. Add leg lift to add difficulty. (10 on each)
  • Knees to chest. Toe tap. Single, double or stir.
  • Squats. Regular or single leg.
  • Bridge dips. –Shoulder blades on couch. Lift hips to ceiling and squeeze glutes. (20)
  • Push ups. On ground, on couch, or feet on couch/inclined.
  • Triceps. Dips, or hold. (10)
  • Reverse plank. Shoulder on couch and hips up. (1 min)
  • Side plank. Keep body in alignment (1 min each side)
  • Side leg lift. Can hold on to couch if needed. Good for posture. Activates core. (10 each side)
  • Leg balance/tap ground. Leg behind. Lean forward and touch ground gently. (6 on each)

HIT (high intensity training)

20 sec hard work, 10 sec rest – 2 rounds – about 5 minutes

  1. Jump Squat.
  2. Pushups, jump rope or jumping jacks.
  3. “Fast arms” It’s hilarious, but take it seriously 🙂 Switch legs.
  4. Ab Twist. Can add punch or lift legs off ground.


  • Cat and dog.
  • Windmills.
  • Hip openers. Be gentle and slow.
  • Hip circles. Keep head stable.
  • Lunge stretch. 1 min per stretch.

While you are cooling down you can practice gratitude as a way to add to the stress reduction experience of your workout. Reflect on what you are thankful for. Thank God for your blessings and your challenges. Think about a loved one that you want to thank today.

Adam and I want to remind you that this unusual and stressful time WILL come to an end. We WILL get back to a new normal. In the meantime (and all the time) we can combat stress with movement, a healthy diet, praying, meditating, breathing, gratitude, calm, and breaks from technology.

Be well!


p.s. You can still work toward dreams and goals, and live with grace and intention no matter what the circumstances. Join us in the Unstoppable Year Course where we equip you with 12 empowering topics, experts, testimonies, stories, journal prompts, action plans and more. We want YOU to be Unstoppable in YOUR beautiful messy life!

*Please note that the period for free membership giveaways mentioned in the video has ended, but the course is ALWAYS open!

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