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February 1, 2022

The Amazing Race – Achieving Our Ultimate Goal

Amazing Race takes you soooo out of your comfort zone that as a couple it can either tear you apart or bring you closer… For us it brought us closer, we learned to trust each, lift each other up and work together.

Adam and I had the incredible opportunity to be on Season 25 of The Amazing Race. We were so stoked! Our main goal going into the race, even more than aiming to win, was to be kind to one another no matter how hard and stressful it got. Of course, we were also so pumped to see the world and do all the fun challenges!

We did really well, but you gotta watch it to see how we did! 😉

We saw so many amazing countries like, England, Scotland, Denmark, Morocco and more! Throughout the whole time, we were doing crazy challenges and facing so much adversity, stress, lack of sleep, and feeling underfed. We were at our wits ends a lot of the time, but somehow we just kept going! I believe that it was our mindset and our love that got us through it!

For us, the challenges made us stronger as a couple.

We remained focused on our primary goal of the race – to love each other well. At the end of the day, we knew that we could travel the whole world, but we wouldn’t enjoy a moment of it if we were short or rude to each other. (Maybe not enough drama for the show though?! hahah!)

Every challenge, destination, detour, sleepless night, and unexpected situation was an opportunity for us to work towards this goal. I am so thankful for how God used these tough experiences to grow our marriage!

I learned so much more about Adam and he learned so much more about me. Being together in those stressful situations and having to make quick decisions, I learned to trust him more and take confidence in his decisions. I definitely looked to him for leadership in a lot of our decision making; and I thought he did a good job. He learned to trust my intuition, as I would often have strong gut feelings on things, like when to take a Detour. I had a lot of travel experience going into the race and with that was more savvy on the road.

Overall in the chaos of the race, we really grew in our love and had a blast! We made so many memories together and it helped us learn to work together as a team. Now, as parents of three boys, our teamwork mentality is a huge blessing.

Now, as parents of three boys, our teamwork mentality is a huge blessing.


Working towards a goal isn’t always easy in every moment, but it is always worth it. There are so many times in life when we can let the stress and the chaos of life can get to us and steal from our love, joy and collective goals. But when we choose a mindset to put first our relationships and honor the love we have for one another, good things come!

I’m learning that life is a bit of an adventure and you never know what challenges will come your way as you work towards your goals. However, don’t give up when it’s tough or you hit a roadblock! And love well!

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