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April 16, 2019

Tahiti dreamin’

Tahiti is the home of some of the best surf in the world!

I love visiting the island. The people are lovely, the coconuts and bananas are tasty, and the poisson cru is off da hook. But mostly, when I go I’m there to surf…

Check out this video edit, which is a compilation of footage from several trips over the years – including the filming of Soul Surfer way back in 2010!

Hope you enjoyed that video! Did you notice which waves were from the Soul Surfer filming trip? (hint: neon green board)

Surf. Move. Jump in!

p.s. Some of the most amazing waves that I’ve ever ridden in Tahiti were captured during a trip for my upcoming film BETHANY HAMILTON: UNSTOPPABLE, which will hit theaters July 12, 2019! …But you won’t see those waves in this video, you’ll have to wait for the film 😉

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