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September 17, 2019

Shaved Ice and Slowing Down

There is the cutest little shaved ice shop in our town named, The Wishing Well. It’s owned by a few friends of mine, and whenever I pass by it I appreciate reading their motto, “Slow Yourself Down.” 

What a meaningful message, in this always moving, always striving world of go-go-go and do-do-do. At home in Hanalei, this shop reminds me to pause, move a little slower, soak up the now, and appreciate the time I get to spend here between my travels.

This last winter we had almost 5 months home. For us, a month without travel is a LONG TIME. Despite this extended break, I was still feeling barely recovered from the large amounts of previous travel. My husband and I are really working on slowing life down a bit. Even without travel, we could totally choose a fast-paced life at home too! So we are going to have to create time to slow down even on the road.

I’m so grateful for the life I live, for my job, and the many places around the world it takes me and my family. But it’s a fast-paced life, and not for everyone. It’s thrilling to go to new places, experience other cultures, meet different people and explore new waves. More of that please! Haha. But I’ve also realized that I cherish being home, creating a routine with my family, and keeping things simple and slowing down.

Slowing down can often require you to say no to things sometimes, even good things.

I recently had a plan for my family to travel to our good friends wedding.. but when it came to it, I just was not ready for travel… as much as I wanted to celebrate my dear friends, I had to do what was best for my family.

Sometimes I accomplish this for an entire day, and sometimes it’s captured in moments: skateboarding in the drive way, spontaneous cookie making, devotions as a family, looking at the leaves with the kids in our yard, playing in the dirt, reading books, enjoying meals and sunset walks. These are moments we should be able to experience and enjoy without being in a rush.

Life is too great and too beautiful to miss out on because of exhaustion or never ending to-do lists. Cheers to not getting burnt out!

If I’m surfing a lot, I’ve stopped adding in an out-of-the-water workout. It’s one or the other. Or if my energy is low, then I’m learning to listen to my body and not overdo it. This isn’t easy! It’s counter to the professional athlete mindset of push-push-push, stay dedicated, and work hard all the time. But, it’s so easy to get burnt out! And I don’t want to do that with the things that I love – career or not.

Life is too great and too beautiful to miss out on because of exhaustion or never ending to-do lists. Cheers to not getting burnt out! Instead, move forward with the positive mindset that slowing yourself down might be the better choice.

Look for things to remind you to go a pace that allows you to be present, to experience and appreciate the wonderful things around you. In a pinch you can always borrow my Hanalei reminder: delicious shaved ice served with a welcomed motto, Slow Yourself Down.

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