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June 13, 2020 /
Be Well, Recipes

Salsa Recipe

  • Cooking Time 10 minutes

  • Servings 2-4, depending on your willingness to share

  • Health Benefit antioxidants, fiber, heart-healthy, low sugar, immunity-boosting

Adam and I are excited to share one of our favorite go-to recipes for one of our favorite foods – Mexican! We love Salsa!

I know it’s easy to buy Salsa and it may seem too labor intensive or intimidating to make your own, but we have a fast, easy and delicious Salsa recipe to share with you that will show you just how approachable it can be to make it yourself. We use the food processor which some may see as “cheating,” but we just see as smart 🙂

And the bonus to homemade is that you can source the freshest ingredients and you can modify the spice and chunky factor to exactly what you want. After you make this you may never go back to store-bought!

Let’s get started.


  • 1/2 of a Purple Onion
  • 3 cloves Garlic
  • 1/2 large Lime, or 2-3 small Limes
  • 3-4 cups of small Tomatoes or 4-5 large tomatoes
  • Cilantro (a heaping handful)
  • Sea salt to taste (we used a sea salt with chili blend for extra spice)
  • (Optional) 1 Jalapeño hot pepper, remove seeds for less spice
  • (Optional) 3 Tbls. Kimchi (we used this to add spice)
  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • (Optional) 1/2 Papaya or mango
  • 1/2 Avocado (cut up into small squares)


First: Add Onion. Squeeze Lime(s) to drench onion (this helps kill the raw onion taste). Add GarlicPulse onion mixture in food processor.

Next: Add Tomatoes (I buy tomatoes attached to stems – its helps preserve them – remember to buy local!) Add Cilantro (cut off stems and set to side – or take the “why waste it?” approach and mix some of the stems in there too).

Salt and spice to taste: Add Jalapeno and/or Kimchi for spice to your liking. Add Sea salt (don’t fear salt, your body needs it – we use Sea salt or Himalayan salt). Add local Honey (the darker the better). Pulse mixture in food processor to get to preferred consistency.

Last but not least: Add Papaya for a little sweetness (or peach or mango). Add Avocado at the end (the aim is chunky, not a puree).

Pulse one last time to get to the consistency you like and there you go, you just made Salsa!

The great thing about Salsa is that it can go with anything from eggs, to fish, to veggies, to chips (look at ingredients and try to find chips made with healthy oils like coconut, avocado). When dipping, use my “every other” trick and go back and forth between a chip and a cucumber.

I hope you will give this a try and continue to get adventurous in the kitchen!

Cheers to good health!


P.S. When you make this, make sure to share with me using #Bethanystylehealth

P.P.S. In Month 3 – Optimize Health in my Unstoppable Year Course I talk with Dustin Dillberg about nutritional health as one of the four vectors of health. It is amazing how small intentional changes in your buying/eating habits (buying local, shopping the perimeter of the store, sneaking in veggies whenever you can) can help you become more of a “qualitarian” and practice great self-care by filling your body with quality foods.

Come join us in the course where we aim to equip you with big visions and small doable steps to living your own awesome (and healthy) Unstoppable life!

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