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August 2, 2022

Our Favorite Go-To Family Meals

For me, eating well is the key to feeling great throughout the day, but I don’t have that much time to cook! My days are usually jam packed with caring for my family, surfing, changing diapers, cleaning the house, or hopping on a podcast or a mentorship call.

In the midst of the craziness, I’m always aiming to feed my family wholesome, nourishing food without any extra gross ingredients.

My goal is to have a balance of wholesome, not-so-processed foods, but still have super yummy, flavorful food that pleases the family. I’m talking easy, healthy and, of course, tasty!

Here’s what my family and I like to eat on a typical day:


I wake up with the children (bright and early hahah!) and the first thing we do is eat! A solid breakfast sets us up to charge the rest of my day and maintain healthy metabolisms. Usually I make fried eggs and I often will have them with fruit or potatoes. I drink fresh cow milk and coffee after I’ve eaten.

For a long time, I thought potatoes weren’t that great, but now I think they’re like the best thing ever! I think main-stream food culture has demonized carbs so much that I got caught in that a bit. But now, I’ve honed in on what foods help me feel my best and I really just embrace all the food groups. So yes to potatoes mmm, yum!

I also really enjoy veggies with my breakfast and I usually cook them up with my eggs. Here is a recipe for my family favorite go-to breakfast scramble. We often throw the scramble into tacos or on toast as well!


We’re often on the go for lunch; I need something quick and easy!

Something my family has really been loving lately is kind of a smorgasbord of snacks or charcuterie. Usually I chop up some dried fruit like dates, as well as fresh fruit, grass-fed raw cheese, veggies, and some type of organic and humanely raised meat. I also add crackers and dip if I have them on hand! We buy meat from US Wellness Meat and they have some types of salamis that are from grass fed animals as well as little sausages that you can get with liver, which are highly bioavailabile nutrients, in them. I like this charcuterie meal because everyone in the family is stoked and satisfied!

I’m trying to normalize getting liver in my diet as well as my children’s so making these little charcuterie boards are great because everyone just eats what they eat. I don’t feel like I have to make something crazy for each child and I don’t need to force anyone to eat anything. If they don’t want one thing, they can have others. Growing up, I never liked raw broccoli so I’m not going to push them to eat that (ew haha!).

Adam & Micah Grab a Banana


We all love a good barbeque – especially in the summer! I buy meat from a local rancher (grass fed and finished, locally sourced, humanely raised!) and Adam smokes or grills it. We usually top it with Primal Kitchen’s Barbeque Sauce (or their Hawaiian BBQ Sauce!). I’ll often also whip together a quick, healthy side-dish or two like my Carrot Beet Salad or my Sweet Potato Fries. I know the whole family will enjoy this meal and it’s so easy so it is one of our staples!


I really make it a priority to avoid processed sugar! Sometimes it can feel like it’s in everything, however there are other healthy options that are sweet, but don’t have sugar. Often when I’m craving some dessert I go for dark chocolate or one of our family favorites – homemade Banana ‘Ice Cream’ which is sweet enough naturally. Yum!!

Before-Bedtime Snack:

I have to eat right before I go to bed. I know some people think that’s kind of a big no-no, but it really works well for me! I just need a little something to stabilize my blood sugar before I go to sleep so I can make it through the night. For a long time I wasn’t doing this and I was glucose deficient without realizing it! I’d get like halfway through the night and my body was not able to produce the glucose it needed and I’d wake up.

Any time I have a snack, I make sure that I have a healthy carb and protein at the same time so I retain the glucose. If I’m really hungry I’ll have a piece of cheese and a date, however my typical evening snack is hot carob milk. It’s a spin on hot chocolate and it’s sooo delicious; Adam and the boys are completely hooked!

Well friends, that’s a typical day in my life – at least in terms of what I’m eating anyways! I encourage you to find healthy options that you love as well! Try new things and be open to what your body is craving 🙂


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