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May 19, 2022

Naturally High – Avoiding Physical Setbacks

One of my ‘Ohana Experience Live weekly sessions was devoted to uncovering the motivators for drugs and addiction.

Each of us craves a natural high. God has a better way, one that doesn’t lead to addiction, but leads to a real life of peace.

Jon Sundt, founder of the organization, Natural High, joined our ‘Ohana call to share his story with us. Jon lost both of his brothers to drugs and addiction. His testimony is moving, sad, and eye opening.

In the clip below, Jon shares about why teens may turn to drugs or alcohol and what the real numbers are for teens using. It was so surprising!!

One drug he brought up was Fentanyl. It blew our minds hearing the stats for it – the destruction is so heart breaking. But the good news is, far less teenagers are using substances than one might think. So often, it feels like “everyone is doing it” when in reality that isn’t the case. Watch below to learn more. 🙂

Natural High is a drug prevention nonprofit that inspires and empowers youth to find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well. They have some powerful resources for families and schools, like short videos that come with discussion questions about discovering your passions and dealing with stress in healthy ways.


Have you ever seen a brain scan?

We hadn’t yet and it was fascinating. Dr. Jennifer Love from the Amen Clinic joined us to share real brain scans of teenagers. We were able to see the effects that drug and alcohol use can have on our physical bodies. Watch her share here:

It can be tempting to want to fit in or to numb your pain and stress by drinking or smoking. In the end, it never leads to a high that can last and is often very destructive to your body. However, I like how Dr. Love said there’s hope even if you’ve been using; healing can happen!

Dr. Love wrote a book about it! You can check that out here: When Crisis Strikes: 5 ways to Heal Your Brain, Body, and Life From Chronic Stress

I want to encourage you today to dive into that hobby you’ve been wanting to try. Or carve out time to make that sport happen! We can find our natural high at any age!

I hope that these clips and this blog can be one more reason to find your natural high!!

I am cheering you on!


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