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May 25, 2019

My Skincare Routine

As an athlete and busy mom, I keep my skincare routine simple and focused on products that boost my health. This video features my basic skincare routine and the skincare products I’m loving right now.


The skincare products I’ve been loving right now… I really have been loving BioClarity. I’ve been using their Essentials Routine for a year now and I feel like it’s helped my skin a lot – making it look more even. I also use their Clarifying Masque about once a month.

If I wear makeup or sunscreen, I like just a good-ole coconut oil to remove it. I also like to use coconut oil in my hair sometimes, or just to moisturize the body.

This little honeycomb sponge is a product my friend recommended to me. You use it with your face wash. It kind of helps exfoliate and it works amazing!

Dry brushing helps remove dead skin cells, and its really good for your lymph system. To me anything that boosts your health is a good idea!

Sometimes I make homemade coffee scrubs. We have coffee quite often, so the coffee grounds are free. 🙂 So I’ll just scrub my body down and my skin always feels great!

So, I’ll kind of bounce in and out of things. One things that’s consistent in my routine is moisturizing and washing every night, for sure.



What healthy skincare products do you love? What are some fun healthy things you do for your skin? Share with me at #bethanystylehealth


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