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February 13, 2023

My Dad’s Words of Wisdom on Parenting

My dad, Tom, is such a legend. Not only is he an awesome surfer, he’s one of my biggest fans, the ultimate dad and such an awesome grandfather!


He excelled in his role as a dad in my life and so I wanted to share some of his awesome advice on parenting with you:

Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

My dad is a huge proponent of intentional, one-on-one time to connect with people, especially when parenting. Growing up, he worked multiple jobs to support our family, but somehow always had time to have fun at the beach with us or take us out for a great adventure. Those are memories that I cherish to this day!

Adam, my husband, is also super passionate about intentional time! Read this blog to hear his perspective.

Support Your Kids’ Goals and Dreams

My parents were some of the biggest supporters in my journey to get back on my board. They encouraged me to work toward my dream of competitively surfing again, even in the difficult moments. I couldn’t have done it without them!

My dad had a special role in this because he noticed that I was having trouble getting out past the whitewater and made a handle for my board! This handle allows me to duck dive (push the board under oncoming whitewater) and not get beat up by the waves. I still use these handles on all my boards today and am so grateful that he had such an ingenious solution to my problem!

Be a Spiritual Role Model

Throughout my life, my dad has been a role model in so many areas, but especially in his faith. His faith is a huge priority in his life and I had the honor of watching him put it into practice as I grew up. He struggled a little with trust in God and anger with God after I lost my arm, but watching him wrestle through that and come back to Christ was especially powerful for me. We read the Bible together and I learned to trust God through things that he taught me.

Parents, don’t underestimate the impact that you have on your kids!

My dad’s role in my life dramatically shaped who I became and what I did. I’m so thankful for that!

I’m cheering you on today to parent and love your kiddos well!


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