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June 7, 2022

My Approach to Holistic Nourishment

I’m continually motivated to take care of myself, to keep myself in good shape and to age well.

As I’ve hit my 30’s I’ve realized more and more that I need good energy (that’s not from coffee!) and good sleep. I want my body to be free from pain more than I want to be super fit. My goal is to be able to surf with my boys as they grow up and hopefully my grandchildren too (Lord willing! 😀) one day!

Part of this means taking note of my body and fixing the root cause of any unwanted symptoms I have.

You can have all the support in the world, but only you can know your own body. When you start to get more honest with yourself by identifying how your body and mind are really feeling, you’re able to respond accordingly. (My friend, Kori Meloy, has great tips on how to do this!)

About two years ago, after I had my second son, my sleep went out the window and I became super easily agitated. I was having a lot of energy crashes throughout the day. My ambition and energy levels were super impacted by this. I always wanted to surf, but I would have days with really low motivation and I knew my mood was off.

You can have all the support in the world, but only you can know your own body.

So I really tuned in to my body, took note of how I was feeling and read a lot of books about holistic healing. I got turned on to some podcasts that made me question my seemingly healthy approach.

Was I sleeping well? Was I waking up ready to face the day? Did I find myself running on coffee and caffeine for energy? Why was I moody? How was my skin and my digestion?

I realized that my symptoms were stemming from not fueling myself the way that my body needed. I believe I needed more nutrient-dense, bio-available and pro-metabolic foods.

Since I burn so many calories each day – surfing, working out, breast-feeding full-time, traveling and raising children – I realized that I wasn’t eating enough. I was undernourished! I was probably eating 2,200 or so calories, when I needed as much as 4,000 calories each day. I needed more protein and a lot more carbs. I also was low in many minerals, so that was affecting me negatively. The foods I eat more of now are better supporting an overall balance of the various proteins, carbs and minerals that I need on a daily basis.

You may be thinking, “Wow! 4,000 calories!” However, from what I’ve been learning, many people are under-eating and that’s contributing to their health problems.

If we can lessen some stress in our life by eating the right amount of food, then we will be more resilient when the other stresses come.

Ok, fast forward through a couple of years of better eating and another baby. By this point, I’ve adjusted to eating more. It’s been a really cool shift to be nourishing myself so that I can do the things I want to do, keep pursuing life relentlessly, and can stay ambitious. And better yet, I’m able to love, serve, and enjoy my family more fully! When you’re eating enough of the right types of food in the right amounts, I think your body will be really happy with you.

Bethany has a mindful approach to holistic nourishment

I focus on organic and locally grown foods and I just kind of try and balance it all out so I’m getting a variety of nutrients that will benefit my body. I eat a lot of animal foods (from grass-fed and grass-finished, happily raised animals!) such as beef, bone broth, liver and organ meats. Haha, liver and organ meats – I know ew, right? But, people have regularly consumed them for ages and the health benefits are incredible!

I enjoy dairy and try to get it raw when possible. I get raw milk from my brother, who is a dairy farmer, so I know where my milk is coming from which is super cool! I’ve even met his cows!

Some of my other staples are lots of potatoes, cooked veggies, fruit, squashes, fruit juices, and sprouted and sourdough grains. These foods have drastically helped my health improve.

As I’ve shifted my eating habits, I feel like I’m ready to charge the day! I don’t feel restricted or deprived. I have energy and I feel like I can do this for the long-haul.

I’m so grateful that I was willing to change my “healthy” ways and unlearn some habits that were not serving me mentally or physically. May the learning continue!

I encourage you to recognize and be aware of your body and the signs that it may be giving you. Don’t put Band-Aids on the issues, like drinking coffee when you have low energy. (I enjoy coffee, but I drink it after a good meal and not because I need the energy/caffeine). Identify the problems and find something that works for you and makes you thrive – something that you can sustain for a long period of time.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out the online course I made with Dr. Dustin Dillberg. Both Dustin and his dad, Dr. Kerry Dillberg, have shaped my perspective on my overall health in a radical way!

I’m cheering you on to tune into your body and fuel it well!

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