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February 18, 2021

Meet Rachel Cruze – Let’s Talk Stewardship

You know what topic we didn’t talk about a lot when I was growing up? Money. Can you relate?

Money can be a huge focus and source of stress, and it can also be really hard to talk about. It is a necessity in life today, and also a source of insecurity. The great news is that changing the way we think about, talk about, and relate to money can bring us FREEDOM.

“Money is one of the most emotionally driven topics in our culture, today. Much like time and energy, money is also simply a tool, a resource that we can use to shape the life we want to build.” Rachel Cruze

This blog and my Unstoppable Life Courses are places where I share what’s on my heart, and aim to equip you with tools for living your own Unstoppable Life. The topic of Stewardship has been on my mind, especially in 2020, and that is why I was excited to bring on a money expert, Rachel Cruze, to help educate and empower you (and me!) to refocus and reframe the topic of money.

So who is Rachel Cruze and what is Stewardship?

Rachel Cruze is an author, speaker, and educator with books, courses, and a show dedicated to helping people manage money, be debt free, save, spend and give in a way that brings joy…yes, JOY. Check out her website to see all the exciting things Rachel has to offer.

Rachel was my special guest for my Unstoppable Life Program course on Stewardship. We titled this course Stewardship instead of Money because I believe we are all stewards, or managers, of our money. Even this simple re-frame can help empower us to view our money as a tool to be used and managed well, instead of something that owns us. Just like focusing on nutrition is preventative medicine, learning and growing in the area of money and stewardship is also a form of preventative medicine for your finances.

Rachel and I cover A LOT of epic and helpful info and practical tools and tips in the Stewardship Course and I wanted to be sure to pass on a few encouraging nuggets for you here on the blog today. So here we go…

“Your debt does not define you.” When you feel shame, guilt, anxiety about the debt you’re in and the decisions you’ve made, take a deep breath. Likely, those were bad decisions… but that does not define you. In the same way, your wealth does not define you or anyone else. Your car does not define you. Your stuff does not define you. Your money, the surplus or lack of, does NOT define you. Meditate on and internalize that.

“A budget does not limit your freedom. A budget gives you freedom.” Let’s re-frame the word budget. Often a budget is seen as a negative thing or a bummer. Let’s flip that. A budget lets you tell your money what to do, instead of letting it tell you what to do. A budget gives you permission to spend money. A budget lets you tell your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went.

“It is better to give than receive.” Truly! We’ve found that the people that receive experience temporary happiness, but those that GIVE experience long-term joy. We can experience more and more joy as we learn to give. And not from what’s left over… but from the top. Generosity is not just a financial choice… it’s a choice of our heart. In the Stewardship Course Rachel talks about a $5-10 giving challenge which we included for you below.

Learning and growing in how to view money, get out of debt, feel in control of your finances, budget, save for the future, spend for fun, and give with life-giving generosity will help you live an Unstoppable Life.


P.S. If the topic of money makes you feel a bit uncomfortable or intimidated you are in the right place! It has for me over the years! Perhaps the Stewardship Course in my Unstoppable Life Program will get you started on your own road to freedom…it’s safe and joyful and Rachel is here to help you. Or check out for an even deeper dive in tools and courses for financial freedom.

Journal It.

The $5-10 giving challenge.

Start really small… with $5-$10. Do something fun and generous with that amount of money today. Don’t wait. Don’t put that much thought into it… just make someone smile.

Give a gift card to someone you know would love it (or need it). Bring a meal or goodie basket to someone going through a hard time. Donate to a cause that lights you up.

Make it a more regular part of your life to be generous in ways that bless others. Write down what you do and how it makes you feel.

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