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October 29, 2020

Meet Dr. Kerry Dillberg

I’m so excited to introduce you to a dear friend who has taught me so much throughout my life.

Dr. Kerry Dillberg is an amazing man who has been through a lot in his own life and God has transformed his experiences, his pain, and his journey into a passion for helping others.

Dr. Kerry is dedicated to comprehensive and holistic healthcare and he has devoted his life to helping people overcome. It has been his passion to help his patients realize a healthier and happier lifestyle and assist them in removing the limitations that are caused by sickness and pain.

We are thrilled to get to bring Dr. Dillberg to YOU in my Unstoppable Life Course – focusing on Forgiveness. What does forgiveness have to do with your health you ask? Or living an Unstoppable Life? More than you would imagine. Read on!

(And if the name Dillberg sounds familiar it is because Dr. Kerry’s son, Dustin, was my guest for – Optimizing Health. Holistic healthcare runs in the family!)

The topic of Forgiveness is an incredible one and Dr. Kerry and I have a heartfelt conversation about what I believe is the most valuable topic of the whole course. To make mistakes is human but to forgive is a gift from God. I believe forgiveness is the most beautiful gift we can receive from God, or from others, and also a gift we can share. For me, forgiveness has been the greatest strengthener for my marriage and other relationships.

Your un-forgiveness is stealing your joy, your relationships, your health and much more.

It’s easy to carry around a victim-mentality when we haven’t forgiven someone. But the truth is that unforgiveness actually robs YOU. Not forgiving allows something someone else did to have power over your mood, your actions, even your capacity to experience joy and love! With forgiveness there is FREEDOM! Unforgiveness can eat away at your life in many ways.

In our conversation Dr Kerry talks about the “Four Levels of Forgiveness”:

  • Self (I forgive myself for ____.)
  • Others (I forgive others for ____.)
  • Permission (I give absolute permission for others to forgive me for ____.)
  • God (God, I ask you for forgiveness for ____.)

Take a minute to reflect on these four levels in your life and fill in the blanks in your mind or in a journal.

Here’s a sneek peak at our conversation:

The truth is that the mind-body connection is so strong that the stress of not forgiving can physically impact your health.

“Never lose site of fact that emotional stress is so powerful that it can be a roadblock to succeeding in your life.” – Dr. Kerry Dillberg

Ultimately, forgiving can lead to your own healing and theirs. We are Unstoppable when we forgive. We overcome when we forgive. We will have more joy when we forgive. And the good news is that we will have endless opportunities to forgive throughout our entire lives. Give it time, be patient with yourself, and keep working at forgiving. If there is one thing to practice and get good at in this life – it is forgiveness!

Journal It

Reflect on the “Four Levels of Forgiveness,” in your life and fill in the blanks.

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