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December 22, 2020

Made For More

Can you believe we have nearly reached Christmas? And a new year? I’m happy 2020 is almost over!

These last few days of the year, especially the stretch between Christmas and New Year often feel like a natural break. Schools are out, work slows, and after Christmas celebrations the busyness of the month calms a bit. It’s a chance to exhale, to reflect on the year that has passed, and set goals and hopes for the new year ahead.

In these last few days of 2020 I want to encourage you to take some focused rest. This year has been like no other. I hope you can grow and learn from all we have faced together and individually and move forward, adapting and still living out our best lives no matter what 2021 brings.

In the Christian faith we are encouraged to have a day or times of rest. In our times of rest we honor those moments and fill them with reading God’s word, attending Church, focusing on our family and relationships, and doing things that will energize us so that we can perform the vocations we are called to with renewed energy (sometimes a nap or a surf is energizing to me!). Rest is so important and can be applied to a lot of different contexts and lengths of time. You can take a rest from habit or hurry or distraction…I encourage some form of rest/break everyday. It really makes a difference in your life! Having time to slow down can set you up to face the different challenges you face, and also allow you to really soak up the beautiful moments you have.

Wherever you are, BE ALL THERE.

– Jim Elliot

This video from my friends at Wonderfully Made is a super encouraging example of the power of taking a break specifically from our phones and social media. Check it out and be inspired!

These last few days of 2020 are a great chance to put down our phones and strive to be present with the people around us and in the places we are.

As Wonderfully Made puts it, “You were made for a life of freedom, adventure, true connection and wholeness. You were made for more. More than hours of endless scrolling, of comparison and shallow self-focused living. To lean into your actual life. The beautiful, the hard and the messy parts. You were made to play an irreplaceable part in a beautiful story. What is keeping you from the life you’ve been created to live?”

Who wants to take the challenge for the remaining days of 2020 and rest from things that distract you from living your beautiful life? Whether it is your phone, or something else, let’s take a break, a breather, a sabbath and use the time and space created to be present, reflect on the unexpected gifts of 2020, and dream, plan, pray, and hope for great things in 2021!

P.S. Maybe this is a good time to give yourself a gift for 2021 and jump into my course on Being Present. I am SO passionate about this being present mindset and have seen so many people’s lives and relationships impacted by choosing to be present. You can choose to be present and intentional with your time and relationships too!

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