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September 16, 2022

Living Sustainably

Have you ever read the Bill Peat book, “The Wump World”? It’s a really great one that we like to read to our boys! 

The sweet goat-like animals called the Wumps have a peaceful life eating bumbershoots and sipping from pristine streams. That is, until the Pollutions come along and destroy the Wumps’ beautiful world and just about all of their bumbershoot trees. Eventually the Pollutions leave to destroy a new planet… and there’s not much good left for the Wumps. 

Ok so why am I talking about Wumps?!

Well, I feel like mankind is a bit like the Pollutions… just destroying the planet! 

If you’re paying even a slight bit of attention you’re likely hearing a lot about environmental issues. And while I’m not sure all of the claims are efficacious, I believe some are no doubt a problem! For instance, all the plastic trash in the ocean. It’s absolutely awful. 

Or just start paying attention to how much trash your household puts out… it’s kinda wild! 

So, yes, there are some major issues no doubt, but what are some actual tangible solutions we as individuals can do to help? 

We can live more sustainably!  

My family and I went to a homesteading conference last year and it was so inspiring. From the time I was a young girl, I had the desire to grow much of my own food. My adult dream is to grow around 30% of our food. And if you’ve been following along, you see us posting about our chickens, our fruit trees, composting, gardening and more! 

It’s been so rewarding, yet challenging too! And we are just dabbling at this point! Bravo to those out there really doing it!!! We just harvested our first coconuts after waiting about six or seven years!!! It was a celebration that’s for sure!! 

Living Sustainably

I believe sustainable living is hands down the best thing you can do for the environment and it’s epic for your health – in my opinion! (;

Today I’m pitching the ultimate hand guide to sustainable living. It is literally so epic, I’m frothing hard and I am digging into it myself! 

Here’s some major topics covered:

  • Urban gardening and how to start a micro homestead from your apartment
  • How to start homeschooling, nature groups, and forest schools
  • Composting methods and how to repurpose scraps in your garden
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Gardening in small spaces
  • How to make your own skincare and beauty products from plants
  • Farm-to-table recipes, sourdough baking, brewing, fermenting, and cheese making
  • Sovereign womanhood, home birth, breastfeeding, and holistic postpartum practices
  • Canning and food preservation with water baths and pressure canning
  • And much more!

Buying this homestead bundle doesn’t mean you have to make crazy life changes tomorrow. But you can at least educate yourself and explore ways you can bring health, vibrance, and overal live a more sustainable life!

The amount of incredible minds and creators of these courses, programs, and e-books are offering their best life-lessons at an enormous discount for a limited time. You absolutely CANNOT find this level of value combined in an ultimate collection at anywhere near this price. This is a 99% discount from what you’d pay for all these courses and books separately! And there’s no catch to this either!

If you’re ready to join the movement of a more regenerative, healing future…this is an offer you’ll never see again and is only available until Sept. 25th!

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