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Crush Self-Doubt /
May 10, 2019

Step 7: Reinforce and Share

Woohoo! You made it here! A new belief installed and a harmful one behind you.

“When you have something to reach toward—a goal of any kind, big or small—it feels amazing to see the outcome of each step along the way.” – Bethany

While we have taken some majorly positive steps, know that the old of thinking WILL sneak up on you again. So stay alert, and notice when it creeps back in so you can adjust it. Let’s also practice reinforcing the new belief! Strengthen it! Here are 2 key ways: Reinforce it by constantly reminding yourself of the truth. And share your new belief and your journey with at least one other person you trust.



REINFORCE: Take your new mindset and this evidence with you.

Read it when you wake up. Read it when you take a break. Read it when the world around you is crashing down and you’re beginning to believe the lie again. Write reminders on your mirror or around your house, set an alarm on your phone, etc..


What do you commit to doing to reinforce your new belief, even in the hardest times to hold onto it?

SHARE: Start with one safe and loving person in your life.

Share the journey you’ve been on. The self-doubt you’ve experienced, the lie at the root of it and the truth you’ve discovered. Allow them in… that just shines more light onto the lie so it can’t root again! They can be your support, encouragement, and you may just inspire them to get on their own journey!

In addition, when we commit to something out loud, with another person… we are so much more likely to follow through… because we know they’ll ask about it!


Who do you commit sharing this with and when will you share it?

Well, you did it!!! I’m so glad you made it to the finish of these 7 steps! I really hope this helps you in taking positive steps to becoming Unstoppable you! For all of us this is a continual process; so have grace on yourself, and others, and focus on the daily!

I’d love to hear a testimony from you, if you’re willing to share. Send me and the team an email.


In case you need to catch up, or if you’re ready to keep going, here’s all 7 Steps:

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