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Crush Self-Doubt /
May 10, 2019

Step 6: Decide

We are with you!

Decisions can be so hard… especially when they involve changing something that has been a part of your core belief system for quite some time.

You have a new mindset you’ve defined. And now you have to decide, will you hold onto the self-doubt and endure the cost to avoid the hard work of changing your belief? Or will you take a step toward living Unstoppable?

For me this looked like believing that surfing with one arm was possible– even when it was hard – and sticking to that mindset. As I stepped into the possibility and gave it a TRY, my belief was confirmed and I even began to dream of new possibilities (shortboarding, then competition, then going pro, etc etc.)

“It will be hard, but it’s doable. It’s such an accomplishment to overcome the doubts we may have in our abilities.” – Bethany

Ok, now. This is THE moment. This is THE thing that matters. Everything up to this point was setting up to this moment. Don’t fake this. It’s not worth it. Make it real. Be honest.



Grab your pen & paper. This should only take a few minutes of your day.


If your decision is to shed the old limiting belief and adopt the truth, write this sentence out:

“I am making a commitment today. I will no longer believe (fill in your previous belief) or act according to that belief. Instead, I commit to believing (fill in your newly defined belief), even when its hard or unnatural to do so. I care more about the truth and my future than I do about the temporary discomfort I may encounter in making the change. I choose the Unstoppable mindset.”

Here’s a few samples from the scenarios we have been using as examples:

EX A: “I will no longer believe [that I am unworthy of love] or act according to that belief. Instead, I commit to believing [that I am loved,] even when its hard or unnatural to do so…”

EX B: “I will no longer believe [that I can’t change my health for the better] or act according to that belief. Instead, I commit to believing [that I will get healthy], even when its hard or unnatural to do so…”

YAAAASSSSS!!! This is the new focus we want to maintain. I try to focus on why I’m doing what I’m doing each day. Knowing why and being passionate naturally keep me motivated. I believe it can be the same for you.


In case you need to catch up, or if you’re ready to keep going, here’s all 7 Steps:

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